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(Barry Gibb)

Now I got a mission,
The story unfolds..
What the wise men have told you, is already known -
That a woman and a man
Should go by the plan
And we find out how high we can fly.

There's just one religion,
One family of love,
We suffer the children,
As God cries above;

And the giving, not the taking
With hearts open wide,

And it looks like we fall..

And it burns like a flame..

Any ground that I claim.

So what is my life
If I don't believe
There is Someone to watch me?

Follow my dreams,
Take all my chances, like those who dare;
And what of our world -
What does it become
When the damage is done?
And you held out, you say no, you stand up!

(Michael Jackson)

Only God knows
That it's all in the game,
It's all in your name,

Carry me to the gates of paradise,
They're the same –

… It's all in your name.


Look to Heaven -
An angel of peace,
To love and protect us
Through all of our tears;
And the gateway to peace,
It stands open wide,

And it looks like we fall,
And it burns like a flame,
Any ground that I claim.

So what is my life
If I don't believe
There is Someone to watch me?
Follow my dreams,
Take all my chances, like those who dare;
And where is the peace
We're searching for
Under the shadows of war?
Can we hold out, and stand up, and say no?


Only God knows
That it's all in the game,
It's all in your name,
Follow me to the gates of paradise,
They're the same -
… It's all in your name.



To love you, and understand you!


Will they all know..


It's over?


We will all know..


It's over!



And it's all in your name…


It's all in the game,
It's all in your name,
Follow me through the gates of paradise,
They're the same (yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah)



... It's all in your name.”


Kind regards,

TST Team



January 27, 2012: Michael’s Children Immortalize Their Father at L.A. Grauman’s Theater PDF Print E-mail



His memory will last forever, and now Michael Jackson's children have helped memorialize him with a hand and footprint ceremony in Los Angeles on Thursday. Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and Blanket Jackson, 9, attended the ceremony outside of Hollywood's Grauman's Chinese Theater and paid tribute to their late father. "This, right here, is his lifetime achievement award," said Prince, 14. "This is what he strived to get, and this is what we are giving him now." The Jackson kids made an imprint in the cement using Michael's famous sequin glove and a pair of his dancing shoes, and each added their own handprint as well. »


Through his three wonderful children, his truest honorable legacy, Michael will always live on.

Kind regards,

TST Team



November 12, 2011: "Your Talk Is Cheap. You're Not A Man." PDF Print E-mail


Hello, everyone. .


*Update: More song excerpts have been added to this list.

We apologize for delaying the addition of a promised article, albeit it will soon be created, then posted on this main page. ..

Until then, we will let Michael Jackson himself, to express the truth, as well as share some of his emotions, feelings and attitude about his (and the whole world’s) detractors or mere relationship betraitors/unreliable people, on and life in the broader, motivational sense, questioning certain people's morals and simpathizing with the victimized in a candid cathartic confessional fashion he had achieved through the lyrical content of his autobiographical songs, whether exclusively written by him or co-written and/or co-produced with his studio collaborators.

In the midst of an unimaginable excess of ethically unwarranted intrusion and fallacy by means of so much tongue wagging, we are choosing to somehow let him have his say as well, lest some people, other than genuine fans and friends, will ever find worth considering. If some of the below text will be/are being perceived as retaliatory somewhat, even though are solely verbal, they will then only prove to perfectly apply to an accurate context of his life and career, even (and particularly) posthumously. ..

*Note: The excerpts below, elaborate in their display, are extracts from songs by Michael Jackson pertaining to a particular theme, (more joined themes) thus may not constitute their full lyrical contents.

*Note2: Michael Jackson, besides being a sensitive human being and idealist, (or rather, optimist) he was not a paranoid man, he simply was painfully realistic and accurate and deeply attuned to those drastic heinous happenings and changes from his surroundings and from around the world. He would have wished and intended to be even more open and outspoken about such events had his music companies and other detractors, allowed him even more unattached freedom or less hindered control into releasing what he imperatively wished -- what he wished to transmit, to communicate to the world. But what he did manage to publicly state, when not muzzled, whether in interviews, statements, messages or through poems and dance, in our humble opinion, is more than sufficient, exclamative and revelatory. .


“Here I am reaching out for ya,/But there's nothing to reach for,/'Cause my mind don't believe what my eyes have seen,/The blames you gave../You know (You know),/And I know nobody wants you with your wishy-washy ways,/Your mama raised you from a child,/Spent no time worth while/And I feel you really come to nothing, no./You've got to change your style of life./[…]/Ohh, there you go, saying "I think I love ya,/But it's a matter of time."/[…]/You and me, baby,/Haven't been together but so long,/Now you're acting like you own me,/Hey, baby, that's so wrong./You...hate to suffer for what you get;/My love don't come easy./Why don't you change, baby please, please…/[…]/Turn around! […]”

[“Style of Life” (with the Jacksons)]

“Do what you wanna,/And do it,/I got to convince you,/You gotta stick to it./Keep on striving/Towards your goals,/If it's right/Don't let it go,/[…]/Don't be phony,/Just be real;/People, be yourself../Don't be nobody - nobody else./[…]/Don't let nobody/Fool you around,/Tryin' to turn your life/Upside down,/Just be strong in your field/[…]/People, be yourself.”

[“Do What You Wanna” (with the Jacksons)]

“People all over the world are the same everywhere I go./ I give in to this, I give in to that,/ Every day it bothers me so./ Am I in a bad situation?/ People taking me to the extreme,/Am I being used?/I just need a clue,/I don't know which way to go. […] Five minutes later, I started to understand,/But I started screaming and shouting and acting mad,/No one could help me but myself,/But I gave everything I had./ It's things I do for you,/In return do the same for me./[...]/Always wanting something for nothing,/Especially what they don't deserve,/Reaching in my pocket,/I just got to stop it,/Don’t they got a lot of nerve?/Am I in a bad situation?/People taking me to the extreme,/They don't use rejection,/So I need protection,/To keep my equity.”

[“Things I Do For You” ( with the Jacksons)]

“In this world there's so much confusion,/And I taste the city life and it's not for me;/Now I do dream of distant places,/Where? I don't know now, but it's Destiny;/If it's the rich life, I don't want it,/Happiness ain't always material things/I want Destiny,/It's the place for me,/Give me the simple life,/I'm getting away from here,/Let me be me, come on, let me feel free../Now I'm a man that's for all seasons/And what the city offers me ain't naturally,/I look to greet the stars,/But there's no stars to see,/I’m gonna search this world until I find my Destiny./[…]/I wanna get far from here,/Or should I up and fly away so fancy free?/Nobody can change my mind,/The words of destiny are calling me wild time./I want destiny,/It’s the place for me, yeah,/Ah destiny, you and me,/Should we fly away/So fancy free? […]”

[“Destiny” (with the Jacksons)]

“[…] He want to do this, he want to do that,/You want to be kind, but ends up flat for love,/For love;/He tries so hard to give a lot,/He wants to be what he is not,/[…] Something deep inside of him,/Eating up the pride of him,/That makes him buy things for the girls,/(That's what you get for being polite)/For being polite./[…]/He lives the world that is his own,/He's lost in thought of who to be,/I wish to God that he would see just love,/Give him love;/[…]/(Jack still) Tryin' to make you happy, but.../[…]) Tryin' to make you happy, but he's not, but he's not;/(Jack still) Tryin' to make you, but don't you know he cries?/(Jack still) Don't you know he's scared?/(Jack still) It's often for his love, it's for his love;/Don't you know he often cries about you?/He cries about me,/He cries about you (You) and me (And me)/And every little thing that's in his way,/He cries about me,/He cries about you (You) and me, (And me)/Know that he deserves to cry!/[…]/ Don't you know, don't you know, don't you know?/Don't you know?/He cries, he cries because there is a lack of love…”

[“That’s What You Get For Being Polite” (with the Jacksons)]

“I try to do what's right for me,/But no one sees the way I see,/And then I try to please them so,/But how far can this pleasing go?/Something's soon to come over you,/You just can't please the world and yourself,/You gotta start doing what's right for you,/'Cause life is being happy yourself;/Then you should bless his soul (…)/Sometimes I cry ‘cause I'm confused,/Is this a fact of being used?/There is no life for me at all,/'Cause I give myself at beck and call;/[…]/The life you're leading is dangerous,/It's so dangerous, dangerous, all!/The life you're leading is dangerous,/Doggone dangerous (…)!/People will cry,/If rain or sun,/Try to please all/And you've pleased none.”

[“Bless His Soul” (with the Jacksons)]

“You can't say that I don't love you,/Nights cryin' thinkin' of ya,/I don't understand your ways.../They say love is forever gladness,/All that I feel is sadness./[...] You break my heart,/[...]/But it's okay./[...]/What have I done to deserve this madness?/All that I feel is sadness,/I don't understand your ways.../[…] No more believin'/In every word you say,/Persuasions deceiving,/But I'm wise in every way./And I know 'bout your playin'/With every guy in town,/So this time I'm sayin'/You won't fool me around./[…] But it's okay,/You're no good,/ I don't understand your ways.../One more fool just to love and groove ya,/That's all that he want to do to ya,/I don't understand your ways.”

["Your Ways” ( with the Jacksons) ]

“[...] As we walked into the room,/There were faces staring,/Glaring, tearing through me,/Someone said 'Welcome to your doom',/Then they smiled with eyes/That looked as if they knew me./This is scaring me. […] This is Heartbreak Hotel,/Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel./[…] Hope is dead,/She thought that I had cheated for another lover,/I turn my back to see that I'm undercover,/Now I can't convince this girl there ain't no other./Someone's evil to hurt my soul,/Every smile's a trial thought in beguile to hurt me,/This is scaring me./Then the man next door had told/He's been here in tears for fifteen years,/This is scaring me!.../We came to this place/Where the vicious dwelt,/Found that wicked women/(Run this strange hotel) […] This is Heartbreak Hotel/Welcome to Heartbreak Hotel,/So evil/(Heartbreak Hotel) […] Someone's stabbin' my heart,/[…] Hurting my mind./You break my baby's heart.”

[“This Place Hotel” ( with the Jacksons)]

“Here, when all my work is done,/She calls and she says 'Dear, can I come?'/I say to her that 'You know our love is gone',/But agressive heart, you're really not the one./She comes to the door,/Guilt shining in her eyes/As she slowly sinks in deep/You know our love couldn't last forever/Persuade your way, but you ain't clever,/I close the door and I say never!/I don't care, what you're sayin',/Walk right now, I ain't playin',/Love elsewhere, for you I'm prayin'/Don't look back, you ain't stayin'./Here I'm crying, I can't sleep,/I sigh, 'cause I thought this would never be/ I say ooh, I'm screaming out for someone,/And now she's knocking on the door for me,/She just won't leave me alone!/She wants to speak with me and persuade me in her arms,/And how she's calling on the phone for me/Oh, just won't leave me alone./Deep down inside she's trying to be clever,/To love once more,than leave me forever,/I close the door and I say never!/[...]/I try so hard to cope with you,/I can't bear with the things you put me through,/To love as friends, I wish that we could see,/But persuasive heart, you just won't let pure friendship be. […]”

[“Walk Right Now" (with the Jacksons)]

“[…] I don’t wanna get eaten alive/’Cause you’re so dangerous,/No more hearts I can trust, you see/I don’t wanna get eaten alive./Eaten alive, eaten alive,/I don't ever wanna be eaten alive. […]”

[“Eaten Alive” (with Diana Ross & Bee Gees)]

“[…] Just beat it, (beat it), beat it, (beat it),/No one wants to be defeated./Showin' how funky and strong is your fight,/It doesn't matter who's wrong or right./Just beat it. […]”

[“Beat It”]


“Always, be not always,/And if always/Bow our heads in shame../[…]/'Cause time has made promises,/Just promises…/Faces… Did you see their faces?/Did they touch you?/Have you felt such pain?../To have nothing,/To dream something,/Then lose hoping,/Is not life but lame?/But time has made promises,/Just promises…/[…]/How can we claim to stand for peace/When the races are in strife,/Destroying life?…/[...]/'Cause time, time has made promises,/Death promises…”

[“Be Not Always” (with Marlon Jackson)]


“There's a man/Who plays the game of life so well,/There's such a man,/His thoughts you can never tell;/And it’s just the way he thought it would be,/'Cause the day has come for him to be free,/Then he laughs, he kicks and rolls up his sleeves./[…]/This is the man./There's a man/Everybody thought they knew,/There's such a man,/He's not like me and you;/And it’s just the way she thought it would be,/As he says, something has happened to me,/Then he laughs, he kicks and rolls up his sleeves./[…]/This is the man./[…]/Did you know/This man can do anything?/There's such a man,/I wish that we could bring. […]”

[“The Man” (with Paul McCartney)]

“[…] You know you really hurt me so,/[...]/You got me crying in my sleep,/[...]/My hurt is strong deep in my soul,/It hurts my head down to my toes,/[…] Oh, no, no, no, no, no,/Lord help us,/You hurt me so,/You leave me,/How can you leave me here?/No place to go,/Lord help us,/You hurt me so,/You left me here/And I can't - I can't get away, babe. […]”

[“The Hurt" (with the Jacksons)]

"[…] I took my baby to the doctor/With a fever, but nothing he found,/By the time this hit the street,/They said she sad a breakdown!/Someone's always tryin' to start my baby cryin'/,Talkin', squealin', lyin',/Sayin' 'You just wanna be startin' somethin' '/[…]/You love to pretend that you're good,/When you're always up to no good/You really can't make him hate her,/So your tongue became a razor./Someone's always tryin' to keep my baby cryin'/Treacherous, cunnin', declinin',/You got my baby cryin'./[…]/You're a vegetable,/(You're a vegetable)[...]/Still they hate you, (Still they hate you),/[...]/You're just a buffet/(You're just a buffet)/[...]/They eat off of you, (They eat off of you).[…]/Billie Jean is always talkin'/When nobody else is talkin'/,Tellin' lies and rubbin' shoulders/,So they called her mouth a motor/Someone's always tryin' to start my baby cryin'/Talkin', squealin', spyin',/Sayin' 'You just wanna be startin' somethin'.[…]/If you can't feed your baby/Then don't have a baby,/And don't think maybe,/If you can't feed your baby/You'll be always Tryin'/To stop that child from cryin',/Hustlin', stealin', lyin',/Now baby's slowly dyin'../[…]/Lift your head up high/And scream out to the world:/I know I am someone/And let the truth unfurl,/No one can hurt you now/Because you know what's true,/Yes, I believe in me,/So you believe in you! [...]”

[“Wanna Be Startin’ Something”]

“She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene,/I said 'Don't mind, but what do you mean I am the one/Who will dance on the floor in the round?/She said I am the one, who will dance on the floor in the round./She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she caused a scene,/Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one/Who will dance on the floor in the round./[…] Billie Jean is not my lover,/She's just a girl who claims that I am the one,/But the kid is not my son.[…]/For forty days and for forty nights/The law was on her side,/But who can stand when she's in demand,/Her schemes and plans../'Cause we danced on the floor in the round,/So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice (Do think twice!)/Do think twice!/[…]/You're breaking my heart, babe!.. [...]”

[“Billie Jean”]


“Stone shaker, she’s looking fine,/She's a heartbreaker every time,/She never seems to realize/That someday she'll be crying too./A street walker when there's time to spare,/Big spenders holding their share,/A heart of gold, but no one cares/(No one seems to care) Within their eyes. [...]"

[“Hot Street” (unreleased remastered demo)]

“Alone she lies waiting,/Surrounded by gloom,/Invaded by shadows/Painting the room;/The light from the window/Cuts through the air/And pins the child lying there/Scared of the moon./She pulls up the covers/And shivers in fright/She hides from the color/That rides on the night;/The light through the window/That lights up the sky/And causes her mournful cry,/Scared of the moon../’There’s nothing wrong,/Don’t be bothered’, they said,/’It’s just childish fantasies turning your head,/No need to worry,/It’s really too soon’,/But there she lies shivering…/Scared of the moon./[…]/The years go by swiftly/And soon childhood ends,/But life is still fearful/When evening descends;/The fear of the child/Still intrude the night,/Returning on beams of light…/Scared of the moon;/The feeling of terror/She felt as a youth/Has turned from a fantasy/Into a truth,/The moon is the enemy/Twisting her soul/And taking its fearful toll../Scared of the moon./But now there are others who sit in their room/And wait for the sunlight to brighten their gloom;/Together they gather,/Their lunacy shared,/But knowing just why they’re scared…/Scared of the moon. […]”

[“Scared Of The Moon”]

“All along I had to talk about it,/But like a two edged sword/It cuts you and it stabs me;/All along I knew you were a phony girl,/You sit behind the mask/And you control your world;/You sit around and I watch your face,/I try to find the truth, but that's your hiding place;/You say you love me, but it's hard to see,/'Cause when he's in your arms, you're throwing rocks at me./Who do you love?[ ...] /There is nothing in your eyes,/But that's the way you cry, girl,/All is grand, all is bright,/You're just studying my mind)./I walk around, I'm suffering in my doom,/When I come to you, you're sitting in your room;/You sit around in the strangest place,/So take off the mask, so I can see your face. […] Heaven must be wary,/(Your smile is scary) You got me spinnin', girl,/(Insincere, empty tears)[…] (Where's your soul?) (Where'd it go?)/You got me scared, girl. […]”

[“Behind The Mask” (posthumously released demo)]

“Your butt is mine,/Gonna take you right,/Just show your face/In broad daylight;/I'm telling you on how I feel,/Gonna hurt your mind,/Don't shoot to kill./Shamone, Shamone,/Lay it on me, all right.../I'm giving you/On count of three,/To show your stuff/Or let it be;/I'm telling you/Just watch your mouth,/I know your game,/What you're about./Well, they say the sky's the limit/And to me that's really true,/But, my friend, you have seen nothing,/Just wait 'til I get through/,Because I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it! […] The word is out/You're doin' wrong,/Gonna lock you up/Before too Long,/Your lyin' eyes/Gonna take you right,/So listen up,/Don't make a fight;/Your talk is cheap,/You're not a man,/You're throwin' stones/To hide your hands./We can change the world tomorrow,/This could be a better place,/If you don't like what I'm sayin',/Then won't you slap my face.?/[…]/And the whole world has to answer right now/Just to tell you once again/Who's bad?”


“As he came into the window,/It was the sound of a crescendo,/He came into her apartment/,He left the bloodstains on the carpet,/She ran underneath the table,/He could see she was unable,/So she ran into the bedroom,/She was struck down, it was her doom./Annie, are you OK? /[...]/(Will you tell us that you're OK?)/(There's a sign in the window,)/(That he struck you - a crescendo,Annie)/(He came into your apartment)/(He left the bloodstains on the carpet)/(Then you ran into the bedroom)/(You were struck down)/(It was your doom) […]/You've been hit by a smooth criminal./So they came into the outway,/It was Sunday - what a black day,/Mouth to mouth resuscitation,/Sounding heartbeats - intimidations […]/You've been hit by - you've been struck by a smooth criminal."

[“Smooth Criminal”]


“[…] I've been a victim of a selfish kind of love,/It's time that I realize./That there are some with no home, not a nickel to loan,/Could it be really me, pretending that they're not alone?/A willow deeply scarred, somebody's broken heart/And a washed-out dream (Washed-out dream);/They follow the pattern of the wind, ya see,/’Cause they got no place to be,/That's why I'm starting with me. (Starting with me!) […]”

[“Man In The Mirror”]

“You'll never make me stay,/So take your weight off of me,/I know your every move,/So won't you just let me be?/[…]/That you seduce every man,/This time you won't seduce me./She's saying 'That's okay,/Hey, baby, do what you please,/I have the stuff that you want,/I am the thing that you need',/[...]/She says there's no turning back,/[...]/Dirty Diana, No,/Dirty Diana,/Let Me Be! […] She likes the boys in the band/She knows when they come to town,/Every musician fan/After the curtain comes down,/She waits at backstage doors/For those who have prestige,/Who promise fortune and fame, a life that's so carefree;/She's Saying 'That's Ok,/Hey, baby, do what you want,/I'll be your night loving thing,/I'll be the freak you can taunt,/And I don't care what you say,/I wanna go too far,/I'll be your everything/If you make me a star!/[…]/Dirty Diana, no..[...]"

[“Dirty Diana”]

“[...] Mind is like a compass,/I'm stoppin' at nothing./[...]/Ain't nothing gonna stop me,/Ain't no stop and go,/[...]/Speed demon, you're the very same one/Who said 'The future's in your hands,/The life you save may be your own',/You're preachin' 'bout my life like you're the law,/Gonna live each day and hour /Like for me there's no tomorrow!/[...]/Got fire in my pocket,/I just lit a rocket. [...]”

[“Speed Demon”]


“[…] Don’t point your finger,/Not dangerous,/This is our planet,/You’re one of us./[…]/A rather nation,/Fulfill the truth,/The final message/We’re bringing you,/There is no danger,/Fulfill the truth,/So come together,/We’re meaning you./[…]/We’re taking over,/This is the truth, baby,/Another part of me.”

[“Another Part Of Me”]

“I don´t care what you talkin´’bout, baby,/I don´t care what you say,/Don´t you come walkin’,/Beggin´ back, mama,/I don´t care anyway;/Time after time I gave you all of my money,/No excuses to make,/Ain´t no mountain that I can´t climb, baby,/All is going my way./(´Cause there´s a time when you´re right)/(And you know you must fight)/Who´s laughing, baby, don´t you know?/(And there´s the choice that we make) /(And there´s the choice you will take)/Who´s laughing, baby?/ So just leave me alone, girl, […] Leave me alone, stop it,/Just stop doggin´ me around! (Just stop doggin´ me)/[…] You really hurt, you used to take and deceive me/,Now who is sorry now?/You got a way of making me feel so sorry,/I found out right away,/Don´t you come walkin´, beggin, I ain´t lovin´ you,/Don´t you get in my way./[...]/So just leave me alone!/[...]/Don't come beggin',/Don't come lovin' me. [...]”

[“Leave Me Alone”]

“Well, Lord, have mercy,/Well, Lord, have mercy,/This ain't no good for me,/This ain't no good for me, babe,/Well, Lord, have mercy,/Well, Lord ,have mercy,/Ain't no good for me, babe/,Tell me what's goin' down, babe?/Every time I wanna say it, it is/Just too much for me,/I don't ever wanna say it 'cause of/All the blasphemy,/Everybody's doin' it to somebody's love/In sight of me/,I might tell on you,/Don't you start no stuff with me...!/Your brother's got kids with your mother in law,/I might drop dead about what I saw,/I caught your mother, she doin' a dude,/You can't like it that I'm lookin' right at you,/Stop it, it's too much,/Monkey business goin' down.../[…]/Don't be callin' out "Mercy me",/Don't be callin' down, babe../[…] I just can't believe the things I'm seein'/,So just let it be,/I might tell on you,/So don't you start no stuff with me./[…]/I read the paper and I can't believe what's goin' round,/Somebody's doin' it to somebody's up, somebody's down;/The government won't pay my taxes and I'm really mad,/My mouth might let it be,/So don't you monkey shy with me. ./[…]Your brother's gone and kissed/The mother in law,/I might tell Dad about what I saw,/Your brother didn't make a nickle, or dime too,/ Sittin' around tellin' how he did it to you,/Stop it, it's too much!/Monkey business goin' down...[...]”

[“Monkey Business" (demo)]

“[…] I gotta feeling/Of giving you, I/Won't jump back,/She won't let it;/I got a feeling/Like nothing around/And I'm so damn - /So damn glad about it;/[...]/She don't smoke,/She don't breathe it,/She don't hash it,/She don't dope,/But she's a liar,/I gotta feeling/Like nothing around/And I'm so damn - /So damn glad about it./Serious effect on me, baby../ […]”

[“Serious Effect” (leaked, unreleased demo)]

“You know I work too hard for this kinda play,/I wrote a letter for the ghetto of the CIA;/I don't care a jack, or about whatcha' do,/Just put ya dime on the line, baby, ‘cos I own you./Somebody said, 'Give up instead on how you feel,/One blow to the head is all you need.'/(I aint takin it..ya,)/Cheater ....[…]/Now you better go and get yourself some attitude!/I know ya name and the game is "I own you";/Ya tellin' me that ya comin’ to a compromise,/Ya smilin' at me while ya stealin' right before my eyes./[…]/I dont care a jack, or about what you do,/Just sign your name on the line, baby, I own you. (Daggone it)/(You are a...) Cheater!..../[…]/Life is an aggravator,/Sometimes I part it up,/[...]/I broke my radiator,/I'm indestructible/[...]/Don't you ever call!/[...]/Cheatin' baby,/(You are a...) Cheater... ”

[“Cheater” (demo)]

“Nation to nation,/The world must come together,/Face the problems that we see,/Then maybe somehow we can work it out,/I asked my neighbor/For a favor,/She said 'Later',/What has come of all the people,/Have we lost love of what it's about?/I have to find my peace,/'Cause no one seems to let me be,/False prophets cry of doom,/What are the possibilities?/I told my brother/There'll be problems, tears for fears,/We must live each day like it's the last,/Go with it!/Go with it!/ Jam!/[...]/The world keeps changing,/Rearranging minds and thoughts./ Predictions fly of doom/The baby boom/Has come of age,/We'll work it out,/I told my brothers ’Don't you ask me/For no favors,/I'm conditioned by the system,/Don't you talk to me,/Don't scream and shout’;/She pray to God, to Buddha/Then she sings a Talmud song/Confusions, contradict the self/Do we know right/From wrong?/[...]/You can't hurt me,/I found peace within myself,.Go with it,/Go with it!/Jam!/[…]/ It ain't too much for me/To get on it,/[...] Got to give it.”



“Father comes home from work, and he’s scared to death,/Mother cries for the kid and a note she read,/Father runs to the table, he said, 'What’s going on?'/Mother cries desperately: 'Our little baby is gone!'/Do you know where your children are?/Because it's now 12 o'clock,/If they're somewhere out on the street,/Just imagine how scared they are;/[…]/She wrote that she is tired of step daddy using her,/Saying that he'll buy her things, (…),/Just think that she's all alone somewhere out on the street,/How will this girl survive? She ain't got nothing to eat!/[…]/(Save me) from this living hell,/(Save me) ‘cause I don't wanna go,/(Save me) I'm tired of Dad,/(Save me) ‘cause this is enough,/(Save me) ‘cause I'm on the verge,/(Save me) ‘cause I don't wanna go,/(Save me) ‘cause terror is rising,/(Save me)/Now she’s on the mood, she’s off to Hollywood,/She says she wanna be a star, she heard the money’s good;/She gets off from a train station, a man is waiting there,/'I’ll show you where the money is, girl, just let down your hair';/He’s taking her on the streets of Sunset Boulevard,/She's selling her body half, ‘Girl, that will take you far’,/The police come around the corner, somebody there had told,/He’s arresting this little girl that's only 12 years old!/Do you know where your children are?/[…]/Do you know where’s your baby, where’s your baby?/[…]”

[“Do You Know Where Your Children Are” (leaked, unreleased demo)]

“They say I'm different./They don't understand./But there's a bigger problem/That's much more in demand./You got world hunger,/Not enough to eat./So there's really no time/To be trippin' on me./You got school teachers/Who don't wanna teach./You got grown people/Who can't write or read./You got strange diseases,/But there's no cure./You got many doctors/That aren't so sure,/So tell me/Why you wanna trip on me?/(Why, why, why) (Why you wanna) Why you wanna trip on me?/Stop trippin'!/We've got more problems/Than we'll ever need./You got gang violence/And bloodshed on the street./You got homeless people/With no food to eat,/With no clothes on their back/And no shoes for their feet./We've got drug addiction/In the minds of the weak./We've got so much corruption,/Police brutality./We've got streetwalkers/Walkin' in the darkness./Tell me what are we doing/To try to stop this?/[…]”

[“Why You Wanna Trip On Me?”]


“I thought she had to have it/Since the first time she came,/Who knows the situation?/mysteries do remain;/And now I wonder why/I breakdown when I cry?/is it something I said/Or is it just a lie?/(Is it just a lie?)/I try so hard to love you,/Some things take time and shame,/I think the whole world of you,/Your thoughts of me remain./[…]/I tried to mastermind it/By saying ‘Let it be’,/But every time I did it,/The hurt came back at me,/I told you that I need you/A thousand times and why/I played the fool for you/And still you said goodbye?/(Still you said goodbye).. […]”

[“Can’t Let Her Get Away”]

“I took my baby on a Saturday date,/'Boy, is that girl with you?'/Yes, we're one and the same;/Now I believe in miracles/And a miracle has happened tonight./If you're thinkin' about my baby,/It don't matter if you're black or white./They print my message /In the Saturday Sun/I had to tell them/I ain't second to none,/And I told about equality,/And it's true either you're wrong or you're right/[…]/I am tired of this devil,/I am tired of this stuff,/I am tired of this business,/So when the going gets rough;/I ain't scared of your brother;/I ain't scared of no sheets;/I ain't scared of nobody,/Girl, when the goin' gets mean./[…]/Don't tell me you agree with me/When I saw you kicking dirt in my eye./[…]/It's black, it's white,/It's tough for you/To get by. [...]”

[“Black Or White”]

“I gave her money,/I gave her time,/I gave her everything/Inside one heart could find,/I gave her passion my very soul,/I gave her promises/And secrets so untold./[…]/And it doesn't seem to matter/And it doesn't seem right,/'Cause the will has brought no fortune,/Still I cry alone at night,/Don't you judge of my composure,/'Cause I'm lying to myself,/And the reason why she left me/Did she find in someone else??/(Who is it?)/Is it a friend of mine?/(Who is it?) Is it my brother?/(Who is it?)/Somebody hurt my soul, now,/(Who is it?)/I can't take this stuff no more./[…] This is injustice,/Woe unto thee,/I pray this punishment would have a mercy on me./[…]/I need to find the truth,/But see, what will I do?/[...]/Don't you judge of my composure,/'Cause I'm bothered every day,/And she didn't leave a letter,/She just upped an ran away. [...]”

[“Who Is It”]

“If you call out loud,/Will it get inside/Through the heart of your surrender/To your alibis?.../And you can say the words/Like you understand,/But the power's in believing,/So give yourself a chance./’Cause you can limb the highest mountain,/Swim the deepest sea,/All you need is the will to want it/And a little self-esteem./So keep the faith,/Don't let nobody turn you round,/You got to know when it's good to go/To get your dreams up off the ground/So keep the faith, baby, yeah,/Because it's just a matter of time/Before your confidence will win out,/Believe in yourself no matter what it's gonna take,/You can be a winner, but you gotta keep the faith!/Gon' keep it, brother,/You got…/And when you think of trust,/Does it lead you home,/To a place that you only dream of/When you're all alone?.../And you can go by feel/'Stead of circumstance,/But the power's in believing,/So give yourself a chance./I know that you can sail across the water,/Float across the sky,/Any road that you take will get you there/If you only try./So keep the faith,/Don't let nobody take you down, brother,/Just keep your eyes on the prize,/Feet flat on the ground./[…]/I told my brother how to do the thing right,/Lift up your head and show the world you got pride,/Go for what you want,/Don't let them get in your way,/You can be a winner, but you gotta keep the faith!/[…]/I know that keepin’ the faith/Means never givin’ up on love,/But the power that love has/Has to make it right,/Makes it - makes it right!/[…]/Don't let nobody turn you round, brother,/You got to know when it's good to go,/Get your dreams up off of the ground;/[…]/Better stand up and act like you wanna do it right,/Don't play the fool for the rest of your life,/Work on it, brother, and you'll make it someday,/Go for what you want and don't forget the faith!/Look at yourself and what you’re doin’ right now,/Stand back a minute, just to check yourself out!/Straighten up your life and how you’re livin’ each day,/Get yourself together ‘cause you gotta keep the faith!/[…]/Lift up your mind before your mind gets blown,/Some things in life you're best just leave them alone,/Go for what you want,/Don't let it get in your way,/You can make it happen, but you gotta keep the faith!/Gon' keep it, brother,/[…]/Gon' keep it, sista’;/[…]/Straighten out yourself and get your mind on track,/Dust off your butt and get your self-respect back!/You've known me long enough to know that I don't play!/Take it like you want it, but you got to keep the faith! […]”

[“Keep The Faith”]

“She always takes it with a heart of stone,/'Cause all she does is throw it back to me,/I've spent a lifetime looking for someone,/Don't try to understand me,/Just simply do the things I say./[…]/You always knew just how to make me cry,/And never did I ask you questions why,/It seems you get your kicks from hurting me,/Don't try to understand me,/Because your words just aren't enough. […] You and your friends were laughing at me in town,/But it's okay,/And it's okay;/You wont be laughing, girl, when I'm not around./I'll be okay. […]”

[“Give In To Me”]

“[…] But they told me/A man should be faithful,/And walk when not able,/And fight 'till the end/,But I'm only human. […] Everyone's taking control of me,/Seems that the world's got a role for me/I'm so confused, will you show to me/You'll be there for me/And care enough to bear me? […]”

[“Will You Be There”]

“[…] As she stalked the room,/I could feel the aura of her presence,/Every head turned feeling passion and lust;/The girl was persuasive,/The girl I could not trust,/The girl was bad,/The girl was dangerous./I never knew, but I was walking the line,/'Come go with me',/I said I have no time, [...]/My baby cried and left me standing alone./She's so dangerous,/The girl is dangerous,/Take away my money,/Throw away my time,/You can call me honey,/But you're no damn good for me! […] /[…] I have to pray to God,/'Cause I know how lust can blind,/ It's a passion in my soul,/But you're no damn lover friend of mine!/[…]/I cannot sleep alone tonight,/My baby left me here tonight,/I cannot cope 'til it's alright,/You and your manipulation,/You hurt my baby! [...]”


“Skin head, dead head,/Everybody gone bad,/Situation, aggravation,/Everybody allegation,/In the suite, on the news,/Everybody dog food,/Bang bang, shot dead,/Everybody's gone mad./All I wanna say is that/They don't really care about us./All I wanna say is that/They don't really care about us./Beat me, hate me,/You can never break me,/Will me, thrill me,/You can never kill me,/Jew me, sue me,/Everybody do me,/Kick me, kike me,/Don't you black or white me. […] Tell me what has become of my life,/I have a wife and two children who love me,/I am the victim of police brutality, now./I'm tired of bein' the victim of hate,/You're rapin' me off my pride,/Oh, for God's sake,/I look to Heaven to fulfill its prophecy... Set me free!/Skin head, dead head/,Everybody gone bad/,Trepidation, speculation,/Everybody allegation,/In the suite, on the news,/Everybody dog food/,Black male, black mail,/Throw your brother in jail. […] Tell me what has become of my rights,/Am I invisible because you ignore me?/Your proclamation promised me free liberty, now.../I'm tired of bein' the victim of shame,/They're throwing me in a class with a bad name,/I can't believe this is the land from which I came!/You know I do really hate to say it,/The government don't wanna see,/But if Roosevelt was livin',/He wouldn't let this be, no, no!../Skin head, dead head,/Everybody gone bad/,Situation, speculation,/Everybody litigation,/Beat me, bash me,/You can never trash me,/Hit me, kick me/,You can never get me. [...]”

["They Don't Care About Us" ]


“This time around I'll never get bit,/Though you really wanna fix me;/This time around you're making me sick,/Though you really wanna get me;/Somebody's out,/Somebody's out to get me,/They really wanna fix me, hit me;/But this time around I'm taking no s.../Though you really wanna get me../You really wanna get me./He really thought he really had/A hold on me,/He really thought he really had,/They thought they really had control of me./[…]/ Somebody's out/Somebody's out to use me,/They really want to use me/And then falsely accuse me;/This time around they'll take it like spit/'Cause you really can't control me. [...]”

[“This Time Around”]

“[…] Told me that you're doin' wrong,/Word out shockin' all alone,/Cryin' wolf ain't like a man,/Throwin' rocks to hide your hands./You ain't done enough for me,/You are disgustin' me, (yeah, yeah)./You're aiming just for me,/You are disgustin' me,/Just want your cut from me,/But too bad, too bad…/Look who just walked in the place-/Dead and stuffy in the face;/Look who's standing, if you please,/Though you try to bring me to my knees./Too bad, too bad about it,/Why don't you scream and shout it?/[...]/Hell all up in Hollywood,/Seeing that she's nothing good./Creepin' from another hole,/Tellin' what somebody told./What do you want from me?/What do you want from me?/Tired of you haunting me, (yeah yeah...)/You're aiming just for me,/You are disgustin' me,/You got blood lust from me,/But too bad, too bad./Look who got slapped in the face,/It's dead and stuffy in the place,/I'm right back where I wanna be,/I'm standin' though you're kickin' me. [...]”

[“2 Bad”]


“Money.../Lie for it…/Spy for it…/Kill for it…/Die for it…/So you call it trust,/But I say it's just/In the devil's game/Of greed and lust./They don't care,/They'd do me for the money,/They don't care,/They use me for the money./So you go to church,/Read the Holy Word,/In the scheme of life/It's all absurd./They don't care,/They'd kill for the money,/Do or dare,/The thrill for the money./You're saluting the flag,/Your country trusts you,/Now you're wearing a badge,/You're called the "Just Few",/And you're fighting the wars/A soldier must do,/I'll never betray or deceive you, my friend, but.../If you show me the cash,/Then I will take it,/If you tell me to cry,/Then I will fake it,/If you give me a hand,/Then I will shake it./You'll do anything for money.../Anything, (Anything)/Anything for money,/Would lie for you,/Would die for you,/Even sell my soul to the devil./[…]Insurance?/Where do your loyalties lie?/Is that your alibi?/I don't think so./You don't care,/You'd do her for the money,/Say it's fair,/You sue her for the money./Want your pot of gold,/Need the Midas touch,/Bet you sell your soul,/’Cuz your god is such./You don't care,/You kill for the money,/Do or dare,/The thrill for the money./Are you infected with the same disease/Of lust, gluttoney and greed?/Then watch the ones/With the biggest smiles,/The idle jabbers.../‘Cuz they're the backstabbers./If you know it's a lie,/Then you will swear it,/If you give it with guilt,/Then you will bear it,/If it's taking a chance,/Then you will dare it./You'll do anything for money.../[…]/You say you wouldn't do it/For all the money in the world…/I don't think so!.../If you show me the man,/Then I will sell him,/If you ask me to lie,/Then I will tell him,/If you're dealing with God,/Then you will hell Him./You'll do anything for money./[…]/If you want it, you earn it with dignity!/Vanderbilt;/Morgan;/Trump;/Rockefeller;/Carnegie.”


“Have you seen my childhood?/I'm searching for the world that I come from,/'Cause I've been looking around/In the lost and found of my heart../No one understands me,/They view it as such strange eccentricities,/'Cause I keep kidding around/Like a child, but pardon me.../People say I'm not okay/'Cause I love such elementary things,/It's been my fate to compensate/For the childhood I've never known./[…]/I'm searching for that wonder in my youth,/Like pirates in adventurous dreams,/Of conquest and kings on the throne./Before you judge me, try hard to love me,/Look within your heart, then ask,/Have you seen my Childhood?/[…]/Like fantastical stories to share,/The dreams I would dare,/Watch me fly.../Before you judge me, try hard to love me,/The painful youth I've had...”


“[…] Did you ever stop to notice/All the blood we've shed before/Did you ever stop to notice/The crying Earth the weeping shores?/[..] What have we done to the world?/Look what we've done,/What about all the peace/That you pledge your only son?/What about flowering fields,/Is there a time?/What about all the dreams/That you said was yours and mine?/Did you ever stop to notice/All the children dead from war?/Did you ever stop to notice/The crying Earth the weeping shores?/[…]/ I used to dream,/I used to glance beyond the stars,/Now I don't know where we are,/Although I know we've drifted far! […]/Hey, what about yesterday?/(What about us)/What about the seas?/The heavens are falling down,/I can't even breathe,/What about apathy?/I need you,/What about nature's worth?/It's our planet's womb!/What about animals?/(What about it?)/We've turned kingdoms to dust,/(What about us?)/What about elephants?/Have we lost their trust?/What about crying whales?/We're ravaging the seas,/What about forest trails?/Burnt despite our pleas!../What about the holy land?/(What about it?)/Torn apart by creed,/What about the common man?/Can't you set him free?/What about children dying?/Can't you hear them cry?/Where did we go wrong?/Someone tell me why?.../What about babies?/(What about it?)/What about the days?/What about all their joy?/What about the man?/What about the crying man?/What about Abraham?/What about death again.../Do we give a damn!?”

[“Earth Song”]

”Speculate to break the one you hate,/Circulate the lie you confiscate,/Assassinate and mutilate/As the hounding media in hysteria;/Who's the next for you to resurrect?/JFK exposed the CIA,/Truth be told the grassy knoll/As the blackmail story in all your glory./It's slander,/You say it's not a sword/,But with your pen you torture men,/You'd crucify the Lord,/And you don't have to read it, (read it)/And you don't have to eat it, (eat it)/To buy it is to feed it, (feed it/)So why do we keep foolin' ourselves?/Just because you read it in a magazine/Or see it on the TV screen,/Don't make it factual,/Though everybody wants to read all about it../Just because you read it in a magazine/Or see it on the TV screen,/Don't make it factual, actual/They say he's homosexual./In the hood/Frame him if you could,/Shoot to kill,/To blame him, if you will;/If he dies,sympathize/,Such false witnesses,/Damn self righteousness;/In the black/Stab me in the back,/In the face,/To lie and shame the race,/Heroine and Marilyn/As the headline stories of/All your glory./It's slander,/With the words you use,/You're a parasite in black and white,/Do anything for news,/And you don't go and buy it, (buy it)/And they won't glorify it, ('fy it)/To read it sanctifies it, '(fies it)/Then why do we keep foolin' ourselves?/[…]/See, but everybody wants to believe all about it/[...]/Don't make it factual, actual/ She's blonde and she's bisexual./Scandal/With the words you use,/You're a parasite in black and white,/Do anything for news,/And you don't go and buy it, (buy it)/And they won't glorify it, ('fy it)/To read it sanctifies it, ('fies it)/Why do we keep foolin' ourselves?/Slander!/You say it's not a sin,/But with your pen you torture men/[…]/You're so damn disrespectable.”

["Tabloid Junkie"]

”Tired of injustice,/Tired of the schemes,/The lies are disgusting,/So what does it mean?/Kicking me down,/I got to get up,/As jacked as it sounds,/The whole system sucks./Peek in the shadow,/Come into the light,/You tell me I’m wrong,/Then you better prove you’re right/,You’re sellin’ out souls, but/I care about mine,/I’ve got to get stronger/And I won’t give up the fight./With such confusions don’t it make you wanna scream?/Your bash abusin’ victimize within the scheme./You try to cope with every lie they scrutinize,/Somebody please have mercy,/’Cause I just can’t take it./[...]/Stop pressurin’ me,/Make me wanna scream./[…]/Tired of you tellin’ the story your way,/It’s causin’ confusion,/You think it’s okay, baby./[…]/You find your pleasure scandalizin’ every lie,/Oh, Father, please have mercy,/’Cause I just can’t take it. […]/(Janet) Oh, my God, can’t believe what I saw/As I turned on the TV this evening,/I was disgusted by all the injustice./(Michael) All the injustice...”

[“Scream” (with Janet Jackson)

“I was wondering in the rain,/Mask of life feeling insane,/Swift and sudden fall from grace,/Sunny days seem far away;/Kremlin's shadow belittlin' me,/Stalin's tomb won't let me be,/On and on and on it came,/Wish the rain would just let me../How does it feel/[…]/When you're alone/And you're cold inside?.../Here abandoned in my fame,/Armageddon of the brain,/KGB was stalkin' me,/Take my name and just let me be./Then a beggar boy called my name/Happy days will drown the pain./[...]/Lord, have mercy!../We're talkin' danger!/We're talkin' danger, baby,/Like stranger in Moscow..”

[“Stranger In Moscow”]

“They wanna get my a**/Dead or alive,/You know he really tried to take me/Down by surprise;/I bet he missioned with the CIA,/He don't do half what he say./Dom Sneddon is a cold man./[…] He out shock in every single way,/He'll stop at nothing just to get his political say,/He think he hot cause he's BSTA,/I bet he never had a social life anyway./You think he brother with the KKK?/I bet his mother never taught him right anyway,/He want your vote just to remain TA./He don't do half what he say./ […] Does he send letters to the FBI?/ Did he say to either do it or die? […]”



“He got kicked in the back,/He say that he needed that,/He hot willed in the face,/Keep daring to motivate,/He say one day you will see/His place in world history,/He dares to be recognized,/The fire's deep in his eyes./How many victims must there be/Slaughtered in vain across the land?/And how many struggles must there be/Before we choose to live the Prophet's plan?/Everybody sing.../Every day create your history,/Every path you take you're leaving your legacy,/Every soldier dies in his glory,/Every legend tells of conquest and liberty./Don't let no one get you down,/Keep movin' on higher ground,/Keep flying until/You are the king of the hill;/No force of nature can break/Your will to self motivate,/She say this face that you see/Is destined for history./How many people have to cry/The song of pain and grief across the land?/And how many children have to die/Before we stand to lend a healing hand?/Everybody sing.../[…]/All nations sing,/Let's harmonize all around the world./A soldier dies (a soldier dies),/A mother cries (a mother cries),/The promised child shines in a baby's eyes. […]”



“Somebody killed little Susie,/The girl with the tune,/Who sings in the daytime at noon./She was there screaming,/Beating her voice in her doom,/But nobody came to her soon./A fall down the stairs,/Her dress torn,/Oh, the blood in her hair,/A mystery so sullen in air./She lie there so tenderly,/Fashioned so slenderly,/Lift her with care,/Oh, the blood in her hair./Everyone came to see/The girl that now is dead./So blind stare the eyes in her head./And suddenly a voice from the crowd said/This girl lived in vain./Her face bear such agony, such strain./But only the man from next door/Knew Little Susie and, oh, he cried,/As he reached down/To close Susie's eyes./[…]/[…]/She knew no one cared./Father left home, poor mother died/Leaving Susie alone,/Grandfather's soul too had flown./No one to care,/Just to love her./[…]/Rejecting the needs in her prayers./Neglection can kill/Like a knife in your soul,/[…]/But Susie fought so hard to live./[…] Lift her with care,/So young and so fair..”

[“Little Susie”]


“She got your number,/She know your game,/She put you under,/It's so insane;/Since you seduced her,/How does it feel/To know that woman/Is out to kill?/Every night stance is like taking a chance,/It's not about love and romance/And now you're gonna get it./Every hot man is out taking a chance,/It's not about love and romance/And now you do regret it./[...]/She seemed sincere like it was love and true romance,/And now she's out to get me/And I just can't take it/,Just can't break it./Susie got your number,/And Susie ain't your friend,/Look who took you under/With seven inches in;/Blood is on the dance floor,/Blood is on the knife,/Susie's got your number/And Susie says it's right./She got your number,/How does it feel/To know this stranger is out to kill?/She got your baby,/It happened fast,/If you could only erase the past. [...]”

[“Blood On The Dancefloor”]

“Love ain't what it used to be,/That is what they're tellin' me,/Push it in, stick it out/,That ain't what it's all about./He wanna do something keen to you,/He wanna wrap his arms all around you, girl,/[...]/He wanna shake it up, shake it down,/Moving round, ha, ha;/[…]/Susie like to agigtate,/Get the boy and make him wait./[...]/Sister marries to a hood,/Sayin' that she got it good,/Holy Mary, mercy me,/I can't believe the things I see,/Thinkin' that they got it made,/They doin' what they used to hate,/[...]/Mother's preaching Abraham,/Brothers, they don't give a damn./ […] You're doin' it,/You're dirty,/Keep doin' it,/You're dirty,/Keep nasty,/You're nasty./[…]/Keep dirty,/You really want it./[...]/She's dirty.[...]”

[“Superfly Sister”]

”There's a ghost down in the hall,/There's a ghoul upon the bed,/There's something in the walls,/There's blood up on the stairs,/And it's floating through the room,/And there's nothing I can see,/And I know that that's the truth/,Because now it's onto me./I don't understand it,/Hey, I don't understand it!/There's a tappin' in the floor,/There's a creak behind the door,/There's a rocking in the chair,/But there's no one sitting there,/There's a ghostly smell around,/But nobody to be found,/And a coughin' and a yawnin'/Where a restless soul is going./[…]/And who gave you the right to shake my family?/And who gave you the right to shake my baby, she needs me,/And who gave you the right to shake my family tree?/You put a knife in my back,/Shot an arrow at me!/Tell me,are you the ghost of jealousy?/[…]/You're just a dog gone!/And who gave you the right to scare my family?/[…]/And who gave you the right to take intrusion, to see me?/[…] And who gave you the right to hurt my baby, she needs me,/[…] Tell me, are you the ghost of jealousy?/A suckin' ghost of jealousy?/[…]/But there's no doubt about it, piece of mind,/Tell me, are you the ghost of jealousy?”


“There's a ghost out in the hall,/There's a ghoul beneath the bed,/Now it's coming through the walls,/Now it's coming down the stairs,/Then there's screaming in the dark,/Hear the beatiing of his heart,/Can you feel it in the air?/Ghosts be hiding everywhere./I'm gonna be/Exactly what you wanna see,/It's you whose haunting me,/Your warning me/To be the stranger/In your life;/Am I amusing you/Or just confusing you?/Am I the beast/You visualized?/And if you wanna to see/Eccentric oddities,/I'll be grotesque/Before your eyes/[…]/I'm gonna be/Exactly what you gonna see,/So did you come to me/To see your fantasies/Performed before your very eyes?/A haunting ghostly treat,/The foolish trickery/And spirits dancing/In the light?/But if you came to see/The truth, the purity-/It's here inside/A lonely heart…/So let the performance start.../[…]/Masquerade the heart,/Is the height of haunting souls,/Just not what you seek of me,/Can the heart reveal the proof/Like a mirror reveals the truth,/See, the evil one is you!/[...]/So tell me is it scary for you, baby?/So tell me, is it crazy for you, baby ?/Am I scary for you?/You know the stranger is you./[…] I'm tired of being abused!/You know, you're scaring me too! I see the evil is you!/Is it scary for you, baby?...”

[“Is It Scary”]

“No sense pretending it’s over,/Hard times just don't go away,/You gotta take that chip off your shoulder,/It's time you open up,/Have some faith…/Nothing good ever comes easy,/All good things come in due time,/Yes, it does;/You gotta have something to believe in,/I'm telling you to open your mind./Gotta put your heart on the line/If you wanna make it right,/You've got to reach out and try;/Gotta put your heart on the line/If you wanna make it right,/Gotta put it all on the line./You see yourself in the mirror/And you don't like what you see,/And things aren't getting much clearer,/Don't you think it's time you go for a change?/Don't waste your time on the past, no, no,/It's time you look to the future,/It's all right there if you ask,/This time if you try much harder,/You'll be the best that could can be./[…]/If you wanna do it now,/You gotta learn to try,/You can make it right somehow,/Let love come free/And that's just so easy now;/You gotta go for what you want,/You gotta do what you got to do!/[…]”

[On The Line”]

Everywhere I turn, no matter where I look,/The systems in control, it's all ran by the book./ I've got to get away so I can clear my mind,/Escape is what I need, away from electric eyes/[…] No matter where I am, I see my face around,/They pin lies on my name, and push them from town to town;/Don't have a place to run, but there's no need to hide,/ I've got to find a place./[…]/Why is it I can't do whatever I want to?/Went in my personal life and I don't live for you,/So don't you try to tell me what is right for me,/You be concerned about you,/I can do what I want to./Escape, got to get away from a system loose in the world today,/Escape, the pressure that I face from relationships that go away,/Escape, the man with the pen that writes the lies that have no face,/Escape, I do what I wanna cause I gotta face nobody but me./[…]/When I go, this problem world won't bother me no more/(This problem world won't bother me no more)/(Problem world, bother me, yeah, oh, yeah!)[…]”

[“Escape” (leaked, unreleased)]

“Now I'm just wondering why you think,/That you can get to me with anything?/Seems like you'd know by now/When and how I get down,/And with all that I've been through,/I'm still around./Don't you ever make no mistake,/Baby I've got what it takes,/And there's no way you'll ever get to me./Why can't you see that you'll never ever hurt me?/'Cause I won't let it be, see I'm too much for you, baby./You can't believe it, you can't conceive it,/And you can't touch me, 'cause I'm untouchable,/And I know you hate it, and you can't take it,/You'll never break me, 'cause I'm unbreakable./Now you can't stop me even thought you think,/That if you block me, you've done your thing,/And when you bury me underneath all your pain,/I´m steady laughin', while surfacing./[…] You can try to stop me, but it won’t do a thing,/No matter what you do, I'm still gonna be here,/Through all your lies and silly games,/I'm'a still remain the same, I'm un-break-a-ble! [...]”


“Deceitful eyes, she's got those come get me thighs,/She only knows how low that she can go ,/She speaks the lines that can control my mind,/[…]/She blew a kiss, I swear that it was meant/Only for me, then spoke with her body,/Her only goal is just to take control/[…]/That girl, I can't take her,/Should have known she was a heartbreaker,/[…]/Should have seen right through her she's a heartbreaker./[…]/Should have seen it coming, heartbreaker./[…]/She plays a game with such an innocent face,/I didn't know heartbreaking was her case,/Her actions confess and put me through the test,/I was surprised that I was caught inside;/Now she's thinking that I will never know/And she'll keep playing until I let her go,/But I hope in time that she will finally realize/I'm onto her game (…)/[…]/But I'll find a way to go and start doin' without you/And stop talkin' about you,/And what will she say?/She will say I was the man that got away. […]”



“Ain’t the pictures enough?/Why do you go through so much/To get the stories you need,/So you can bury me?/You got the people confused,/You tell the stories you choose,/You try to get me to lose/The man I really am./You keep on stalking me,/Invading my privacy,/Won’t you just let me be?/'Cause your cameras can’t control/The minds of those who know/That you’ll even sell your soul/Just to get your story sold./I need my privacy, (yeah, yeah), (...)/So, paparazzi, get away from me.../Some of you still wonder why/One of my friends had to die,/To get the message across/That yet you haven’t heard;/My friend was chased and confused/Like many others I knew/But o that cold winter night my pride was snatched away./She get no second chance,/She ridiculed and harassed,/Please tell my why? (Oh, no..)/Now there’s a lesson to learn:/Respects not given, it’s earned,/Stop maliciously attacking my integrity!/I need my privacy...”



“Lipstick in hand,/Tahitian tanned/In her painted on jeans;/She dreams of fame,/She changed her name/To one that fits the movie screen,/She's headed for the big time, that means/She's going Hollywood,/She's going Hollywood tonight,/[…] It's true that you/May never ever have that chance again./[…]/West bound Greyhound/To Tinsel Town/Just to pursue her movie star dreams;/She's giving hot tricks to men/Just to get in,/When she was taught that that's not clean,/She's headed for the big time, that means/She's going Hollywood./[…] [original spoken bridge:] She doesn’t even have a ticket,/She doesn’t even have a way back home,/She’s lost and she’s alone,/There’s no place for her to go,/She is young and she is cold,/Just like her father told her so. […]”

["Hollywood Tonight" (posthumously released demo)]

“What you're gonna do?/You ain't no friend of mine,/Look what you've put me through,/Now that I'm the blue gangsta./[…]/What you're gonna do, cause I'm gonna get you,/No way to run, no way to hide,/All the things you've said, everything you've done to me/,You can no longer make me cry./Look what you've done to me, baby,/I can no longer smile, baby,/And I've waited so long, just to carry on,/I'm the blue gangsta.../What you're gonna do?/You ain't no friend of mine/,Look what you've put me through,/Now that I'm the blue gangsta,/[…]/You've tricked me nine to five, left and you said crime,/People telling me you've got another guy;/I've been abused, watch me light in fuse,/Said you'd be my wife, nothing but big lies;/Don't know what I've done, everything you've got,/Things you've done to me, are coming back to you,/You know just what I've done, the things you've done to me,/I'm the blue gangsta.../[…]/See, I am so amused to the things you've said/And the things you have done to me,/There is nothing in this world make me change. [...]”

[“Blue Gangster” (leaked, unreleased demo)]

“Ignorance of people purchasing diamonds and necklaces/And barely able to keep the payments up on their lessons,/And enrolled in a class and don't know who the professor is./How low people go for the dough and make a mess of things?/Kids are murdering other kids for the fun of it,/Instead of using their mind or their fist, they put a gun in it,/Wanna be a part of a clique, don't know who's running it,/Tragedy on top of tragedy, you know it's killing me./So many people in agony, this shouldn't have to be,/Too busy focusing on ourselves and not His Majesty,/There has to be some type of change for this day and age,/We gotta rearrange and flip the page,/Living encaged like animals and cannibals,/Eating each other alive just to survive the nine to five,/Every single day is trouble while we struggle and strive,/Peace of mind's so hard to find./I wanna shout, throw my hands up and shout,/What's this madness all about?/All this makes me wanna shout,/You know it makes me wanna shout./[…]/Problems, complications and accusations/Dividing the nations and races of empty faces,/A war is taking place./No substitution for restitution, the only solution for peace/Is increasing the height of your spirituality./Masses of minds are shrouded, clouded visions/Deceptions and indecision, no faith or religion, how we're living./The clock is ticking, the end is coming, there'll be no warning,/But we live to see the dawn./[…]/How can we preach, when all we make this world to be/Is a living hell torturing our minds../We all must unite, to turn darkness to light,/And the love in our hearts will shine./We're disconnected from love, we're disrespecting each other,/Whatever happened to protecting each other?/Poisoned your body and your soul for a minute of pleasure,/But the damage that you've done is gonna last forever./Babies being born in the world already drug addicted and afflicted,/Family values are contradicted./Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, the pressure is building and I've had enough./I wanna shout! (...)”


“You're just preaching the Bible/And they still speakin’, the liar(s),/And you still deal with the fires that they make…/Why you wanna get me…?/Dreams don’t last foreve…/Why you wanna fix me?/See, if the police don’t take it,/God forsake it,/I can’t take it,/Why you stab me in the back?/We’re so gonna lose it/And she knows that is the way (…)/Why you wanna get me?/This dude won’t last forever…/Why you wanna hit me?/If the police don’t take it,/God forsake it,/I can’t take it,/[…]/Why you stab me in the back? […]”

[“In The Back”]


“Love was taken from a young life,/And no one told her why,/Her direction has a dim light/From one more violent crime./She innocently questioned why/Why her father had to die,/She asked the men in blue/How is it that you get to choose?/Who will live and who will die,/Did God say that you could decide?/You saw he didn't run,/And that my daddy had no gun..?/In the middle of a village,Way in a distant land,/Lies a poor boy with his broken toy,/Too young to understand,/He's awaken, ground is shakin’/His father grabs his hand,/Screaming, crying, his wife's dying,/Now he's left to explain./He innocently questioned why,/Why his mother had to die,/What did these soldiers come here for?/If they're for peace, why is there war?/[…]/We're innocently standing by/Watching people lose their lives,/It seems as if we have no voice,/It's time for us to make a choice./How is it that you get to choose,/Who will live and who will die?/Did God say that you could decide?/[...]/We're innocently standing by,/Watching people lose their lives./It seems as if we have no voice,/It's time for us to make a choice./Only God could decide/Who will live and who will die./There's nothing that can't be done,/If we raise our voice as one./They've gotta hear it from me!/They've gotta hear it from you!/They've gotta hear it from us!/We can't take it,/We've already had enough! […] /Deep in my soul baby,/Deep in your soul and let God decide,/[…] It's going down, baby!/Just let God decide,/It's going on, baby,/Just let God decide! […] Why did you do it?.. Oh, no, oh, no.. yeah..”

[“We’ve Had Enough”]


January 18, 2012: “Why Does Everyone Say Michael Jackson Is Weird…?" PDF Print E-mail


“… when so much about him seems perfectly normal? No, really…”

by Chuck Klosterman

“[…] The court of public opinion (…) has already delivered its verdict on a related topic: Michael Jackson, it seems, is a “weirdo”. And this is no longer an insult that critics lob as an incendiary anti-Jackson projectile; this is now an accepted designation, no different from “Nazi chess legend” Bobby Fischer or “noted orangutan enthusiast”, Clint Eastwood. More than any other public figure since Howard Hughes, Jackson is officially weird; you can now refer to his weirdness without any ancillary evidence.

In fact, Jackson actively makes other things weird. For example, if Michael Jackson started eating strawberry pancakes for eating, the practice of daily pancake consumption would immediately take on an alien depravity that would taint all others who share that inclination. Obviously, this will never happen, as Jackson subsists exclusively on a diet of colorless, gluten-free sludge and bubble gum Skittles. [sarcasm used] But I think you know what I mean. We can all safely argue that Michael Jackson is crazy in a very specific way; there is a universally understood totality to his weirdness that (almost) makes his eccentricity unremarkable.

As such, I will not remark upon it. Instead, I will take an alternative approach; I want to explore the myriad qualities of Michael Jackson that are abundantly normal. These are the traits the mainstream media never want to address. Oh, you’ll inevitably see wall-to-wall coverage whenever Jackson climbs a magical tree and asks his noble wood for advice, because that’s how journalists love to marginalize him; they constantly want to paint him as one of those ‘tree people’. But why doesn’t anyone report that Michael Jackson’s name is Michael? Why won’t CNN mention that “Michael” is the second-most popular male name in America and that more than 6.5 million people share this name moniker? I don’t hear anyone calling actor Michael Caine “weirdo”. Nobody automatically assumes Michael DeWine (R-Ohio) is a “homosexual predator”. Sometimes it seems like Jackson’s unorthodox behaviour completely usurps the normalcy of his first name. Moreover, Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, a city with a population of more than 100,000 (and the city famously sung about in Meredith Wilson’s beloved play, The Music Man). In this respect, he is no more sinister than Gary native Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson, the 1994 Sporting News collegiate hoopster of the year and a man who’s only been arrested twice.

Jackson even gets labeled “curious” and “reclusive” and “bats*** insane” for things he hasn’t done. Perhaps you have heard the urban legend about Michael owning the skeleton of 19th-century medical anomaly John Merrick, [TST note: his correct name is, in fact, Joseph Merrick] the so-called Elephant Man. This is actually not true. Jackson has never owned the Elephant Man’s bones. But let’s say he did purchase Merrick’s remains: Why criticize someone for an interest in life science? Marilyn Manson claims to have smoked human bones in New Orleans, yet nobody thinks he’s weird. Jackson should not be attacked for unconventional thinking, especially when such thinking focuses on dead people. It’s akin to all those rumors (and photographs) indicating that Michael was sleeping in a hyperbaric, life-enhancing oxygen chamber. […]

“If there were no children on this earth, if somebody announced that all kids were dead, I would jump off the balcony immediately.” That is what Jackson told documentary film maker Martin Bashir in 2003. “I’m done,” he reiterated for emphasis. “I’m done.” Here again, we see the hypocrisy of the public’s perception of Michael: Much like the (possibly sane) British pop star, Morrissey, Jackson is hated for loving. I mean, just imagine the nightmare scenario Jackson has theorized. Imagine if all the world’s children were suddenly dead. Imagine there is a poison gas that only attacked the red blood cells of prebubescent humans, or if packs of invisible werewolves ate all the babies on earth, or if I traveled around the world shooting every kindergartner in the back of the skull. Imagine if the streets of Gary, Indiana, were suddenly covered of young corpses, facedown in their own warm blood. Surely, this scenario would cause any sane man to leap to his death. Who would want to live in such a (…) kill zone? […] And in some cultures he (Jackson) would be rewarded for those values [of caring]. […] But not in America. Oh, no. Not here. … Allegedly.”

[edited article from the June, 2005 issue of “Spin” magazine]



TST Team

November 7, 2011: “Michael Jackson, The Humanitarian - A Tribute” Update PDF Print E-mail


* Reminder: The Silenced Truth is not affiliated with this legacy program, however, we do support it for its mission statement, the tenets of which resonate with ours.

“This is a 90 minute spoken word Tribute that gives an inside look at Michael's humanitarian side. It is a feel good program! The Tribute includes many stories of Michael's tremendous acts of kindness and generosity in helping people across the world. These stories will touch your heart with joy, hope, laughter and tears. It also takes a fascinating look at the meaningful messages Michael gave through his music and what Neverland was truly all about. This one of a kind show will leave you feeling like you know Michael much more as a person.

I created this show to honor Michael for all he has done as a humanitarian. People that have attended the tribute have been very enthusiastic about it. Some of the written comments I have received are: Reva Revill of Sarasota, Florida said, “Phenomenal speaker, really captured Michael’s true heart!” Mary Singer of Largo, Florida commented, “It was great, completely devoted to Michael and his humanitarian work. If anyone has a chance to attend one of these, you should grab it!”

For this Tribute to be successful I need YOUR help. I have tried sending Press Releases, and so far the media has not published them. I believe it goes back to media not wanting to publish positive news about Michael. I do not have the resources to advertise. So I can’t seem to get the word out on it. I have had to cancel programs because of this. I believe strongly that people need to know the full extent of Michael’s humanitarian work. If you believe in what I am trying to do, please help me by coming to the show if you can and sharing this on other forums, as well as with your FB friends and other FB sites you visit. I have tried to keep the tickets as affordable as possible. Also, part of the proceeds will benefit UNICEF USA. Tickets are advance sale only by November 15.

For more details, click here: http://mjthehumanitarianprogram.weebly.com/


In addition, when you afford a time off, please use it to watch and/or circulate the below 55-minute Russian documentation, presenting rare accounts of Michael Jackson’s first tour stop to Moscow, Russia, on occasion of his September 15, 1993 “Dangerous” World tour concert there, including rare footage of Jackson visiting a home for orphaned and mentally challenged children. The video was uploaded by by Elenavit on YouTube on November 4, 2011 and, unlike most documentaries out there about Jackson, it will be worth your time and patience.


Kind regards,

TST Team




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