September 7, 2011: “Man Behind the Myth" Film PDF Print E-mail


by Walking Moon Studios

Who was Michael Jackson really? Michael Jackson's work, life and his "troubles" are not what you thought they were.

Jackson was used and abused relentlessly by a media gone mad because any mention of his name drew crowds and cash.

Learn the truth of who Michael Jackson really was as we take a look at the story behind the myth:


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September 3, 2011: (!) Stop Child Abuse Once and for All PDF Print E-mail


In the United States, a report of child abuse is made every ten seconds. Take action!

Sponsored by: The Child Health Site

Millions of child abuse cases are reported every year in the United States. Worse, about five children per day die at the hands of an abuser. Over 90% of abuse cases involve a child's family member, or someone he or she knows.

We need to provide more support for our kids and let them know they don't have to suffer through this kind of horrible experience. Sign the petition in support of the Violence Against Children Act of 2011 (S. 175), a bill that would provide further assistance in preventing and prosecuting crimes of violence against children.

Dear Senator Barbara Boxer,

You recently introduced the Violence Against Children Act of 2011 (S. 175) in the Senate, and I am writing to voice my support of this bill. It's alarming to think about the millions of children that are harmed by abusers each year, and even more disturbing to realize just how many of these offenders are still walking free. Children are often too scared or too ashamed to report cases of abuse, especially since more than half of the instances involve close friends or family members.

The statistics on child abuse are just as alarming. Five child deaths per day due to domestic abuse are simply unacceptable. Children who have been abused are about three times more likely to develop alcohol and drug addictions. And abused females are about 25% more likely to become pregnant as teenagers.

Legislation like S. 175 could go a long way in ensuring children are protected from the pain and anguish tied to abuse. We need to make sure offenders are taken off the streets and put where they belong. Please do your best to see that this bill is pushed into law.


Your signature here:

(!) So far, 6,709 signatures have been submitted, but the goal aimed to be reached is 30,000 signatures. The future of children today appears increasingly grim and no true  visible advocates for children and children's rights can be easily discovered and felt any longer. … Spread the word, please, and whenever you can, try to brighten the life of a child or sponsor a child  in need of assistance up closely, even with only your simple presence of care. A simple gesture that is worth more than imagined. ..


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TST Team


August 31, 2011: Fundraising Event for Hurricane Irene Victims in Eastern North Carolina PDF Print E-mail


By WITN, Aug 30, 2011

WITN is teaming with Inner Banks Media and the American Red Cross Disaster Services to host a fundraiser to help Hurricane Irene victims in eastern North Carolina.

WITN and WTIB 103.7, WNBU 94.1, Star 94.3 and Thunder Country 96.3 will kick off the fund-raising event at WITN’s Greenville studio on Arlington Boulevard beginning Wednesday morning. Phone lines will be manned from 8:00 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. with contributions taken over-the-phone at 1-855-619-3785 (toll-free) and 252-222-4387 (local). Donations may also be submitted on-line with a link available on

In addition, donations will be accepted at WITN’s main studio building on Highway 17 south of Washington, NC. New Bern area donations should be taken at the Inner Banks Media studios at 1308 South Glenburnie Road. A final collection point will be at WITN’s Jacksonville newsroom located across from Coastal Carolina Community College at 411 Western Boulevard.

“Irene has caused devastation across eastern North Carolina and families are in need,” Chris Mossman, Vice-President and General Manager of WITN said. “We hope that the combined reach of WITN and the Inner Banks Media group of stations will help bring the level of donations needed to allow the Red Cross to get out and provide the assistance needed in eastern North Carolina.”

The telethon will kick off with WITN 7 News at Sunrise in the morning and run throughout the day until 6:30pm. WTIB’s Talk of the Town with Henry Hinton will also be broadcasting live from 7:00am – 9:00am. Volunteers will be at each of the four sites accepting donations. They will accept cash, checks and credit card donations along with requested supplies.

A phone bank will be set up at the Arlington Boulevard studio and both television viewers and radio listeners will be able to call in to a telephone bank of volunteers to make donations. The phone lines will be manned by volunteers from the Children’s Miracle Network.

PODS has generously donated storage units at each collection site to accept donations of water and tarps as requested by the Red Cross. Texas Roadhouse on Greenville Blvd. is contributing to the effort by donating 10% of the restaurant’s proceeds on Wednesday.


Irene death toll hits 42, as recovery efforts are amped up. …


Our deepest sympathies to the families and friend of the victims of Irene, we are suffering with you all.. Prayers to all those who perished as a result to this catastrophe. … To the rest of the inhabitants from the affected regions, continue to stay safe, strong and together. This too shall pass soon, God-willing. Keep the Faith. ..


TST Team


September 2, 2011: Return of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award PDF Print E-mail


Posted September 1, 2011 by Deborah Ffrench

On August 28, 2011, at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, the words Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award were once again heard at MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMA’s) show. Awarded to Britney Spears in recognition of her long and at times distressed tenure in the music industry, in her acceptance speech, Britney immediately said that the award meant so much to her because it was, “the night before Michael Jackson’s birthday.” It was a short, but sweet speech.

At the time of posting this, a Google search for ‘MTV Announces Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award‘ did not produce any results about MTV, specifically explaining their reasons for the re-dedication of the award. It would appear MTV didn’t announce it in advance, but let Lady Gaga announce it in real time. What a Google search does bring up is nearly 5,000 articles (containing in various combinations) the words “Britney Spears is presented with Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.” That’s huge, for a number of reasons.

While there have been years of tension between Jackson fans and MTV – heightened by the ‘Artist of the Millennium’ debacle in 2002 – regarding the lack of awards being given out as MJVVAs and the fact that it was allowed to fall into disuse; the decision by MTV to present Spears with the now restored award is an important and welcome one.

MTV has, of course, known for a while about the fan campaign for restoration, and it’s possible Spear’s award was a response by MTV to that campaign. However, as yet, MTV have not said anything officially about the reinstatement. It is likely music industry insiders knew this was coming and most certainly Gaga’s handlers did, but clearly MTV wanted this decision to come across as a spontaneous and generous one. There have been suggestions that MTV had already planned to restore and re-dedicate the Video Vanguard Award back to Michael Jackson in the wake of his death in 2009 and were simply waiting for the right artist to give it to. But that, of course, only underlines the fact that it needed restoring in the first place.

This article is a look at what some of the reasons for this reinstatement are and why the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award was so effectively ‘phased out’ to begin with. These questions are perhaps better understood if we accept that in relation to the music industry (and others) the whole concept of award shows, competitions, Hall of Fames’ and accolades, are used to generate media and promote an organization’s profile, which in turn attracts advertizers and sponsors. To all intents and purposes then, award shows are media. Looking at the relationship between MTV and MJ from this perspective, it is likely that the reasons for the decline of the MJVVA and its de facto ‘taking away’ – reflects aspects of the media treatment directed at Michael Jackson as a whole.

MTV, as well as the entire music industry, could not have failed to notice the massive resurgence in sales, nostalgia and worldwide remembrance of Michael that followed news of his death in 2009. The fortunes of the Estate reported in detail whenever it releases an interim statement reflect the fact that in death – as far as the commercial world is concerned – the brand ‘Michael Jackson’ is a highly lucrative one. MTV are undoubtedly aware of this, and a conscious desire to be part of that reflected ‘shine’ is more than likely a very big part of their decision to re-hitch their name and brand to Michael Jackson’s. Even without an accompanying official explanation, MTV’s decision is very much a public statement, and no multi-corporation makes a public statement without thinking very carefully about the PR effect and benefits they think it will have.

Read full article:


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August 29, 2011: Dear Michael… PDF Print E-mail


On behalf of The Silenced Truth Team, we wish you to experience a divine day today.  .. You have become ageless since 2009, transcending the confining barriers of time and space.

You are missed far more than words can say. … We hope your soul is leading a Happy Afterlife and we pray that God keeps you in His infallible protection for all times. ..

Blissful Birthday to you… We love you immensely…

Most sincerely,

TST Team


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