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Here is part II of our analysis on some of Michael Jackson’s staunchest foes: the media… and, we dare say, the root of evil in this life: the love of money and power. They are breeding the monsters of an extremely perilous derision, often preventing us from concentrating on the world we are a part of, on our neighbors, surroundings, our status-quo, on what is truly happening and mattering, by planting in us the seeds of fear, uncertainty, discouragement and feelings of uselessness. … If and when we let them to.


Upon learning about Michael Jackson’s ‘not guilty’ verdict on all 14 charges - concluding his 5-month trial, Aaron Carter states the following that same day (June 13, 2005):

“I’m glad everything worked out for my friend, Michael Jackson. I always believed that his innocence would be proven. I will continue to support Michael and wish him all the best.”


... Why did this original (and very earnest) intention suddenly alter?

This July of 2011, Carter talks to E! Online about his alcohol and drug addiction:

I was introduced to a lot of different things [alcohol and drugs] at a very early age. You know, at a very early age,", states the singer. "[At] pretty much (10, 11). [At 11,] it was alcohol. So… I mean, I come from a family where there was a lot of stuff like that in – around, so.. and a lot of kids in the family too (…). I mean, pretty much (at that age), it’s hard to – hard to hear that, yeah. […] [TST note: he was introduced to these vices by… somebody else - and at a much earlier age then claimed originally - not by Michael Jackson as first implied in their latest interview by either Carter, Daphne Barak, or both] I mean, marijuana, you know… that was mostly the problem, so.. […] I mean, you can say that (this happened because of the entertainment industry, the music business), but at the end of the day, you know, it was – it was me, you know? It was – it was my fault, you know?”

On the recent reports of Carter claiming for Australia's OK! magazine to have been given wine and cocaine by Jackson as a 15-year old, he empathically refutes a comment that spiraled almost out of control online – we assume this to be either damage control, or the continuation of a win-win PR campaign: for Carter to garner attention for his new album, and to solidify the media’s foul mission of walking on silent cadavers at will:

“No, that is not true. Michael never gave me cocaine. That is not true. There was wine at Neverland, so I had wine, you know? [TST note: notice the freely inserted innuendo, and how Carter does not precisely deny being given alcohol, nor clarify on that it was actually Carter himself who had wine at that party per his own will. . We are wondering, is not a house supposed to have some wine stored or isn’t there supposed to exist wine at somebody’s birthday party? He was not forced to drink alcohol. Half-truths and insinuations by/to the media have been virtually constant in Jackson’s world. Again, such mentions are strikingly similar to  those of accuser Gavin Arvizo in 2003, that leading to the 2005 shakedown of a trial] But Michael never ever gave me cocaine. Ever. […] I went to Spain to do a charity (concert), a gala, you know, for kids, and it’s right around the time of, you know, Michael’s 2-year death anniversary. [TST note: timing is an essential factor as well in this foul play…] You know?.. I sat down – I did an interview with a lady [TST note: a lady by the name of Daphne Barak, who called Carter her ‘friend’,  Barak conducting a few interviews with the singer before] and, you know, what I said on video was what I said, you know? [TST note: in our previously related bullet, we have elaborated on this interview using direct quotes from it.] And you can clearly see me saying as well, you know, ‘I want to protect his legacy’, you know, Michael was an amazing person, yes, he was my friend [TST note: … The massive irony of it.. Not one ‘friend’ would choose to safeguard their friend’s legacy by accepting money to claim and allude to extremely injurious and false situations, as demonstrated so far, allegations that have targeted Jackson for far too long a time… But if a thing is exhaustingly repeated, it may end up to be believed afterall… isn't that the case?]. Yes, we go back and we had great times together. But for someone to do that, to say that about me, that I said Michael Jackson gave me cocaine, that is absolutely absurd. And that makes me very angry. Very angry for somebody to slander him and myself, you know? [TST note: with the help of whom?...] But he cannot even do something about it, he’s not even alive [TST note: precisely because of that…], so, my message is - is just (to) leave it alone and let Michael rest in peace.” [TST note: yes, quite a few have been asking for just that… unhappily, hypocrisy is very much an impediment to making that finally happen]. The cocaine story was brought up by the media, we can genuinely assert, as another reminder to the 2003 allegations against Jackson, during which time another story would circulate on that Jackson’s examined underwear contained traces of cocaine. The story was proven as false, although drugs were brought in over to his ranch by certain people to further shamelessly incriminate him, we can reveal from very reliable and direct sources, this upsetting the entertainer profoundly. … Jackson would not always reside at Neverland, as he did not the entire time during which the Arvizo family were hosted there.


Here is what journalist and author Joseph Vogel (who wrote “Man In The Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson”) stated on his Twitter account (http://twitter.com/JoeVogel1) shortly after these scandalous claims broke out:

“The Aaron Carter story is a great example of what is wrong with the media. OK! is a tabloid which frequently pays for and makes up stories. An educated person shouldn't give anything they report credibility. Yet in our age of sensationalism, laziness, and lack of integrity... Mainstream media outlets like AOL, CBS, etc. run the OK! Magazine story w/out any kind of verification. Welcome to the 21st century, where there is literally no distinction between fact and fiction in the media. MJ understood that it wasn't just about his own mistreatment. He was an example/victim of a much more pervasive, systemic issue... with enormous implications. While the media pondered for days over him wearing pajamas to court, what were they not covering? a) the facts of the trial, b) the war in Iraq, c) the genocide in Sudan, etc. etc. etc. In my opinion, fans shouldn't waste time on tabloids. They have no conscience. They should petition news outlets that should have higher standards and are seen by the general public. The pulled Discovery Channel episode is a good example of how this can work. [TST note: the episode re-creating Michael Jackson’s autopsy] Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. He didn't (rely on tabloids). Tabloids relied on him. […] CBS, AOL, USA Today and others should retract and apologize.”

The above bolded words, syntagms and phrases are critical in understanding what the media outlets represent and create and manipulate on a regular daily basis in their efforts to relentlessly distort truth for their largely selfish profits, the gravest of which being the manipulation of the masses as an end in itself. They are willing to, at all costs, get their stories told. Pay for it, “lie for it”, “sue”, “spy”, “kill”, “die for it”, “sell my soul to the devil”. “Do anything for money.”“If you’re stealing with God, / Then you will hell him.” (from song “Money”)…

Aired on June 19, 2011 (4 days after Jackson’s 6-year celebration of his not guilty verdict (= innocent) on all 14 charges, including administering alcohol to a minor), another former star child and friend of Jackson’s, Tatum O’Neal, was interviewed by Piers Morgan, and she had the following words to say regarding his death:

But, I mean, that ties into addiction, doesn't it? Like, who knew he would be even like that addicted, that he was taking something that could kill him every day. I mean, that was tragic.”


Very distressing how ignorance can be so easily expressed – like breathing in and out. Jackson was not addicted to drugs, particularly not when he died at the hands of his own doctor. He had a very understandable sleeping problem, however, his system (and we apologise for such graphic details..) contained solely the medication that was administered by Dr. Conrad Murray that fateful day and which killed him. … The truth has gone out of style. When Jermaine Jackson, Michael’s brother, addressed this false addiction claim on his Twitter account shortly after, O’Neal apologized, only to unfortunately later retweet comments of some of her fans annulling the sincerity in her apologies. … Ms. O’Neal, who is preparing a reality show featuring her father, Ryan (while Aaron Carter is to release a new album), had more to say on Jackson during this interview:

“He was my friend and -- you know, and we did -- we went on a date, although he was like a child at 18 and I was a real child at 13 {TST note: notice the innuendo, how it is implied that Jackson was an adult by revealing his age, whereas she was still a minor. A very precocious child who would smoke, drive and party, among other things = false victimization]. So, you know, and if you think about those ages at the end of his life and the stuff that he went through, that could seem questionable that I was 13 and he was 18.” [TST: is there any need to make the insinuations even more salient?.. As we stated before, the interview aired quickly after his vindication anniversary, absolving Jackson of paedophilia.. Please, notice how these events coincide as far as the timing and implications go]

Here is what Jackson had to say on a particular situation involving his friend, during what was to become the ill-fated Martin Bashir “Living With Michael Jackson” documentary aired in 2003:

“My first girlfriend, who I really loved a lot, was [actress] Tatum O’Neal. […] It was [a typically romantic adolescent love affair], but I don’t think I was ready for some of the things she was talking about [laughs]. I was pretty naïve, I’m not joking. I hope she forgives me for telling this story…okay, Tatum?...Please, forgive me. I remember her telling me to come over the house - to her house, at [her] Beverly Hills’ house too – and what she’s gonna do to me when I come. You know, all the…[…] All the sexual stuff [embarrasses]. So I’m scared to death. […] I’m scared…scared, ‘cause I’ve never done anything like that. I came over there, trying to be Mr. Big Shot and brave, I remember she cut out all the lights in her bedroom, open the curtains – you could see the whole skyline of the city over the cliff…it was beautiful. And she told me to go over and lie on her bed and I did, I went along with it, and she slowly walked over and she touched the button of my shirt upon and I put my hands like this [over my face] and I wouldn’t let them down. And she… just walked away. She knew I was too shy for it. That’s what happened. […] I was frightened, I was afraid. I don’t think I was ready for that. […]”


Do Jackson’s words make any difference? .. Some words which we will choose to believe as facts. Because they are. Will the media and general public ever care to dig for more non-fiction in this lifetime?...

Here is what good friend, Kathy Hilton, spoke about Jackson’s “addiction” while being interviewed by the same Piers Morgan:

I can tell you that when he was at the Bel Air Hotel, there was none -- there was none of that. Because I had -- he was right underneath where I was. And we talked all the time. In fact, if we would be going somewhere in the daytime, he'd say 1:00 down at the fountain. And if I was five minutes late, he was very on top of it. And he was with his kids. I believe in my heart that as he got into the concert thing, it was hard for him to sleep probably. He was not a drug addict. He had a problem going to sleep. I mean, this is not somebody that recreationally would abuse something (…).”


Surprisingly - or not.. – these above comments would be later edited by CNN, which cropped out the comments presenting him in a favorable light. … When Kathy Hilton later appeared with daughter Paris on The View, June 1, 2011, and was asked about her famous friend, her answer was: “As Berry Gordy said at the memorial, (he was) the greatest entertainer that ever lived and just such a fun person, and I feel bad that people don’t know that funny side of him and the pranking side. You know, we grew up together and we would play Ding-Dong-Ditch and...” The comments end there, as Joy Behar, one of the 5 TV show’s presenters, among whom Barbara Walters, interrupts Hilton before her getting the opportunity to utter more heartfelt, positive words on her deceased friend. But, of course, the truth must be silenced, so the media think and act against.


Before the (new) media campaign anti Jackson (featuring Aaron Carter) erupted, Access Hollywood aired one of their couple interviews they conducted with Jackson’s sister, LaToya, which addressed her brother and drugs. Not surprisingly, this interview would end up almost completely drowned by the afore-mentioned salacious scandal. “He was not (a drug addict). […] Michael wouldn’t,” LaToya said to AH. “It’s funny, because Michael would be so sick and he would never take an aspirin or anything and one day, he accidentally took an aspirin and he didn’t know, and my mother said it was a vitamin or things of that nature, and then when he found out it was an aspirin, we had to rush him to the hospital, he was hyperventilating, he thought he was dying because it was an aspirin. That’s the kind of person he was.” She added: “But then, of course, the tragedy happened with the fire and the burning and the whole bit (TST note: the Pepsi incident in 1984, when Jackson’s hair caught fire, his scalp suffering second-degree burns), I don’t know if it stemmed from there or not, but no, he was not a drug addict, but he did have a problem with the sleeping pattern, but when Michael passed, in all fairness, I must tell you that Michael had no drugs in his body, he was very clean and the only drugs they had found in his body was (sic) the drugs that they put in his body that night.”


Toward the end of June, Barry Gibb, member of the Bee Gees and long-time friend of Michael Jackson’s, gradually released an anti-war song they collaborated on in December, 2002, together with 3 filmed snippets (of a 2-hour footage) featuring the two singers-song-writers recording the song at the Middle Ear Studios. “All In Your Name”, which we are highly recommending for purchase (and its lyrics for perusal and musing..), is dedicated to Jackson’s admirers, it originally addressing the war in Irak which would unfortunately break out only a few months after. The “unlikely” collaboration, as it would be described by several media representatives, received very scarce media attention and virtually none for its release, this topic quickly being abandoned in favor of the Carter scandal. …

When Jackson topped NME’s Greatest Singers online poll toward the end of June, ‘11, his singing voice was rudely charicaturized by critics of this UK pop music publication.. We are not going to be posting the link to such highly frustrated and biased impressions, unwilling to accept public opinion for what it is, especially Jackson’s vocal worth for what it is: an unbelievably valuable treasure. As for coverage for this news?.. No such chance, again. Afterall, popular music video website VEVO has blocked most Jackson videos in a number of countries. …


What conclusion can be drawn from all this? In these couple of bullets, we have only captured a latest morsel of the twisted reality we are periodically being served by the all-mighty media. Only a sequence from what looks more like a psychological drama movie of the most impressive kind, an image of the world Michael Jackson lived and survived in, where he could only count his true friends on his one, at most, two hands, the betrayals he had endured being literally countless. To top that, most of them were endlessly publicized and dissected by an ever-insatiable media, them passing that over to the general public and to his admirers, the latter category having to suffer as well by trying to break this negative cycle. With their admirable efforts put into clearing Jackson’s name, they are even trying to communicate with the media who are bothering less and less with presenting facts. Well, all we can possibly be adding, in these cases, is that all of this shall one day pass. .. This will sound apocalyptic, but it is true, nevertheless, that everything will have its end and what it is sown will also be reaped.


Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth Team


Juny 6, 2011: On Earth You Weren't Meant To Stay... PDF Print E-mail


May you forever rest in peace, Caylee.. If there is any justice in this universe, it is where you and other angels like you are. .. You were destined to live within God's protective light and to shine upon us, surviving earthlings.




Light a candle for Caylee's soul:



You are free to also Like this Candle-Light Vigil Facebook page in her memory:



You will never be forgotten. ...


LOVE always,

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June 29, 2011: Meet "Thriller" and "Sabu" The Tigers PDF Print E-mail




You can have a direct association with Michael through his tigers,“Thriller & Sabu”, who have been living at The Shambala Preserve outside of Acton, California since 2006, when Michael decided never to return to Neverland. A part of the proceeds from the auctioning of Michael’s “Thriller” Jacket he wore in the world wide record breaking 1982 “Thrilller” album will be donated to “The Roar Foundation”, founded in 1983 by Tippi Hedren. It is the finanacial 501 (C) 3 support arm for the Shambala Preserve. [...] The Shambala Preserve has been rescuing big cats bred and born in captivity right here in the United States to be sold as “pets” or to be used for financial gain in “traditional” circuses, night club acts and roadside zoos. At Shambala, “Thriller” and “Sabu” tigers are given the best of human care, best diet and veterinary care by our four veterinarians, one of whom cared for them when they lived at Neverland. They now live in a huge area of 22,000 sq. ft. on the shore of the Shambala Lake. “Thriller” is a thrill! She’s independent, feisty and lets all of us know when she wants to be left alone. Sabu knows all of her moods and highly respects each one of them!

Find out how to come to a Shambala “Afternoon Safari" to meet them, or possibly stay overnight in one of our two authentic African Safari tents located nearby the magnificent “Thriller” and the very patient “Sabu”.

See the links above (on their website) or phone 661.268.0380.

[Nathalie Kay "Tippi" Hedren, American actress and former fashion model]


Kind regards,

TST Team

July 1, 2011: Rodney Jerkins: “People need to chill out and let MJ rest in peace.” ... PDF Print E-mail


Hello, everyone…

As you may have unfortunately learned, an interview with singer and former child star, Aaron Carter, conducted by tabloid mogul, Daphne Barak, took place around two weeks ago. and will soon be made available in full. This interview (with OK! Magazine in Australia) features almost grotesque disinformation directed by the interviewer, Barak even apparently influencing some of Carter’s responses regarding his former (famous) friend, Michael Jackson, through speculation and deliberate innuendo, in order that the exhaustingly circulated (and untruthful) portrayal of Jackson as a drug user (and addict) be rebrought and refreshed in the space of the already majorly manipulated public opinion. This interview has been conducted only a few days after the 6th year celebration of Jackson’s vindication (June 13, 2005) in a court of law on All misdemeanor counts against a minor (including of administering alcohol to a minor).

The context in question is a bash held at Neverland Ranch in 2003 celebrating Jackson’s birthday, at which brothers Nick and Aaron carter, Frank Cascio, music producer and publisher Rodney Jerkins, comedy actor Chris Tucker, former boxer Mike Tyson among others, including a variety of admirers, were present. Jerkins also declared the following on his Twitter account: “I’m so tired of people trying to make a name for them self on the count of MJ.”

To find out about who Daphne Barack is, please click on this link, the bold headline of which being more than revelatory: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2009/03/24/712377/-Daphne-BarakA-meddling-tabloid-vulture-masquerading-as-a-journalist You may also recall that Barak interviewed Jackson’s former nanny, Grace Rwaramba, shortly before his death in 2009. In video footage available on the Internet of this interview, Rwaramba expresses her frustration over being fired by Jackson’s team, yet Barak’s later publication of this interview would feature damaging revelations such as Rwaramba pumping her former employer’s stomach for drugs several times. The former nanny would quickly counter the preposterous quotes being attributed to her. She would state: "I am shocked, hurt and deeply saddened by recent statements the press has attributed to me. [...] The statements attributed to me confirm the worst in human tendencies to sensationalize tragedy and smear reputations for profit." Rwaramba’s close friend, Mallika Chopra, defended her friend by explaining how “so-called journalist”, Daphne Barak, presented herself as a confidant, baiting the nanny for foul information and manipulating it for her article. (http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com)

Has a similar situation occurred in the case of this latest interview conducted by Barak? Was he misquoted as well? This damaging story, eerily similar to previous false allegations made by subjects for pure monetary gains, has been making its insidious rounds on the Internet over the past 2 weeks, when fans of both Jackson and Carter tweeted him promptly to get him to confirm or deny the authenticity of the said interview and, most importantly, of the quotes attributed to him, that read that Jackson had given him both wine and drugs. Since yesterday, such malevolent quotes have been extensively disseminated by tabloids and other media outlets, including CNN, and Carter himself is yet to make an official statement regarding this unfortunate situation. A video of Carter’s actual interview – a so far edited and poorly taped version – has been made available, although beforehand, more apparent misquotations (unless they have been truncated in the actual subsequent video) of Carter would arise: "I never talked about it… This is the first time. I do… I miss Michael… I have spent such incredible times with him. I did things with him that nobody else did… But I was also troubled about what he did to me. Yes, he gave me wine. I mean, I could have refused, but I was 15. He gave me cocaine. I felt weird about that and other stuff… We spoke afterwards, hours and hours, on the phone. I admired Michael, but his behavior bothered me a lot. Then my mother called the police." The alleged confessions about the drugs are actually differently expressed in the said footage. Does not it seem like some more innuendo is being thrown in?.... Here is the transcript of Carter’s statements as shown in the video (courtesy of Qbee from MJJC Staff, who adds some of her own relevant comments), which do not include some of the quoted or misquoted comments available online:


Daphne: Question something about being weird.

Aaron: “I mean there was definatly (sic) things that happened that were just different, weird, and, uh, he drank around me” (why) weird ?? and why state MJ drank around him (a dose of dirt $$$ ) kind of harmless.

Daphne How old were you ?

I was 14 yrrs (sic) so and a .. yeah

Makes it seem a litle inappropriate [TST editor note: Carter was 15 years old.]

Daphne: But Did he ask you to drink ?

Aaron: Yeah, he did, yeah. (Pay Dirt)

He could have answered as he did in previous interviews and said NO, but NO, doesn’t pay here.

Daphne: Was their (sic) any drug issues?

Aaron starts out fine.

Aaron: I personnaly didn’t see any drug issues, you know, I never saw any injections, nothing like that, no, never saw it.

But then Aaron volunteers this .. alluding to the fact MJ could have been using drugs ..

Aaron: The time I spent with him, yes, he was fine. Ya know, but who knows, the human body builds a tolerance for things, ya know .. so, who knows, he could have been doign (sic) something and I didn’t have a clue. So, ya knows (dirt $$)

WHY volunteer this info ? He wasn’t asked for it.

Daphne says somethin like you were not with him all the time he could have had pills???

Aaron: Right. Absolutely. Sure. He could have walked in the bathroom and took it. Ya know .. it takes 2 seconds .

(Right & Absolutely ???????) no pause for thought (just a little more dirt $$)

There is cut in the video here .. so we don’t know what more he said .. before this.

Aaron wants to play his song probaly (sic) from his new album (The promotional perk he gets for dishing the dirt).

Sadly, this is how it works.

Aaron: You know, I wanted to Express that ah - A message to him if he could have heard it. Ya know, (cut) and that I’m gonna protect his Legacy (Cut) It’s funy (sic) becuase (sic) a lot of the things that Michael did I wanna do. (cut)

Aaron: This is the tribute.

Daphne: sounds like she says an Ode to Michael.

Aaron sings the song.


Clap clap

Aarons says thank you

We can only wonder what bits were cut from this interview. Most likely, flattering words about Jackson that tabloid moguls cannot afford to publicize. Daphne Barak is a tabloid journalist that pays very well for dirt. Tom Sneddon, former district attorney of Santa Barbara County, would have undoubtedly used this ‘evidence’ for the 2005 shakedown of a trial, but never did, as it never existed. Moreover, the FBI files, declassified a few months after Michael Jackson’s death, are demonstrating that no incriminations related to him have ever been discovered and documented, despite most extensive investigation.

Here is what long-time friend, Francesco (Frank) Cascio, had to say on this recent allegation on his Twitter account the other day: “I knew Michael for over 25 year and NEVER once did he use cocaine or suggest to anyone else to use cocaine. Never!!!!” Michael Jackson’s cousin, Anthony Jackson, wrote:When in doubt, listen to your heart instead of what people say" #MichaeLegacy”

In 2006, Aaron Carter (accompanied by brother Nick) appeared on the Howard Stern Show. (Stern is another pseudo-journalist known to mercilessly poke fun and make defamatory remarks at Jackson) Here is what Aaron C. had to say about Jackson in this interview (which you can find on YouTube): “(I) never (had sleep-overs with Michael Jackson. You know what, actually, Chris Tucker was there too (at the party) and Rodney Jerkins, he was producing his album. […] It was (Michael’s) birthday party. […] Well, we met him through Rodney Jerkins, he was in the studio and he wanted to meet the both of us. […] No, I don't think he was interested like everybody portrays him to be. He's definitely - he's definitely [gets interrupted by host]. […] (He) never (gave me a car). [His brother Nick jumps in to defend him] You don't even need to. You don't even need to. Because it really pisses me off that people would think about Michael like that, because... […] Well, you're wrong. You're wrong, Howard. You're wrong, Howard! […] (I was) fifteen (when I hang out with him). […] He never did (buy me a car). […] He (just) gave me a jacket that he wore for the 2001 anniversary that he did with his brothers. […] (I never smoked weed with Michael Jackson). No, never, nu-uh. […] (Raising hand) I swear I never smoked weed with Michael Jackson. […] [I never drank wine with him.] No, it's not true, none of this is true. […] Not a damned thing. […] (He never touched me.) Never, never. […] [He never suggested we have a sleepover.] No, never, never heard anything like that.”

In a 2004 interview with PEOPLE, Carter says: “I didn’t do drugs with Michael Jackson.”

Moreover, in a 2010 interview he did with author and journalist, Sandy Lo, Aaron Carter declared the following on his late friend:

“I kind of have some animosity (that he is gone). I knew Michael personally and we grew up very similar (sic). His death, for some reason, made people realize, but only for a minute - that their negativity in this world is what brings everybody down. It’s a very touchy subject for me. Michael was a very timid person. The world made him timid, but he also felt he had to continue to keep himself out there and show his face, because he had all of those fans. He really did love his fans. That was the only thing that kept him going - was his fans and that he wanted to make the world a better place. When he said that, he wanted to help people be more positive and be more caring and giving. It didn’t really happen. People just mourned over the fact that he died instead of realizing what he did. That’s pretty much all I have to say.” http://www.sandy-lo.com/aaron-carter...new-interview/

And last, but certainly not least, here is what a (very reliable) acquaintance of Michael Jackson’s, who was also present at the mentioned 2003 birthday, has to say following this media hysteria. For security and confidentiality purposes, we are not revealing their identity, but The Silenced Truth are assuring you all they are both accurate and reliable. We are also encouraging you to forward the below statements - that counter everything that has been recently claimed by both Aaron Carter and the transparent media pundits where you can or find fit:

“He´s been lying a lot about that party. I´m not a famous person and what I say (may) have no meaning, but those who were on that party too and who are famous should really speak about what went on there. Karen (Faye) can also do that (…).

I saw Michael leave for just a few minutes to wash (his face) of (sic) that cake (he was smeared with by Aaron Carter), he was later sipping on a glass of wine, and he never finished it. They were out driving around the ranch with the fourwheelers and we were many out there having a laugh about it. When talking to Michael, he (Michael) said he didn´t even know half of the people being there, but he loved that the fans could be there. When he finally left the party after driving around the ranch, he was alone except for one security guy. He invited a few (I was among them) into the house, we were there for about an hour. He left for his bedroom and didn´t ask us to leave, it was more like "Enjoy yourself, I trust you". And there were (sic) no Aaron Carter anywhere to be found in that house during that night. He´s taken care off by (Chris) Tucker, I think, I didn´t see him after the drive around the ranch. So much more happened, but not a single minute was Michael out of sight, except when he cleaned up himself.

Sorry for ranting, I never tell people about things like this, but right now I feel so mad. (Aaron) must come forward and say he didn´t say (and do) these things (…).”


(!) Edited for latest news (from another tabloid, TMZ, but better than nothing..?):

“Aaron Carter’s rep claims the singer NEVER told an entertainment reporter Michael Jackson gave him cocaine and alcohol when he was 15 years old ... and says the reporter COMPLETELY FABRICATED the story. The controversy stems from an article that ran in OK! Magazine in Australia, written by international journalist Daphne Barak. In the article, Carter was quoted as saying, "Yes, [MJ] gave me wine. I mean, I could have refused, but I was 15. As for drugs? He gave me cocaine." But Carter's rep tells TMZ, "Nothing was said that was reported" ... and directed us toward a YouTube video of the interview with Barak ... which seems to back up Aaron's side of the story. We've reached out to Barak for comment -- so far, no response.”


Let us hope Aaron Carter himself will make a conclusive statement about this soon… Because as of late, by reading the video's said interview transcripts, by watching and listening to this interview (which we will choose not to post), and due to yet not addressing this grave issue personally, it is obvious that, to some quite large extents, Carter is being just as responsible as interviewer Daphne Barak and OK! Magazine....

Edit II: The second part of this leaked interview contains an even more damaging scenario and an utterly false one. Carter is alluding to intended child molestation by Michael Jackson. We are not going to be according even more attention to these salacious, money-driven accusations. Aaron Carter has been undoubtedly paid for this interview and even more to say these kind of lies, therefore is equally to blame for such a horrid betrayal through shameless deceit. Please, resume above reading for previous quotations of other interviews with Carter denying any kind of impropriety between him and Jackson.

….. For how long will Michael Jackson’s name and memory continue to be frivolously and shamelessly tarnished? How many more so-called friends will continue to betray him, even moreso after his (very suspicious.. and planned) death? For what mundane and evanescent price? How many more lies will his children and other loved ones have to hear? When will his soul be finally left to rest in peace?...

In the meantime, if you wish to contact the following people: Daphne Barak (see above), you can do so on this e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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His assistant: Sue, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


For some more observations on the media’s most perverse strategy to mask an actually very simple, yet profound truth about Michael Jackson, tune in soon for a follow-up bullet. … The media and their chosen accomplices are in this together.  The following days, more snippets of this terrible interview will be leaked, among which, it is claimed, even more disturbing revelations. Regardless, please, prepare to arm yourselves with calmness, and know for certain that there is a large media conspiracy against Michael Jackson erupting (yet again..) and that he is innocent of all such mean-spirited allegations as proven. We will keep you posted on this story as it unfolds. ..

Kind regards…

The Silenced Truth Team

June 22: 'The Untold Story of Neverland' Campaign.. PDF Print E-mail


Hello, everyone…

Although we are not certain of how this novel important campaign will pan out.. if it will, we are forwarding to you below the latest information on a recent new project, started by MJJJusticeProject, supporting the television broadcast of film producer/director Larry Nimmer’s “The Untold Story of Neverland”.. A very positive, accurate documentary depicting Michael’s Neverland Ranch - as it was, as opposed to how it was portrayed – during his most difficult life period, the 2005 trial, which completed with his acquittal. We are fully in agreeance with heartfelt endeavors suchlike, as the media pundits are, saliently aiming to irremediably shake Michael’s name, even, if not especially, in death.

The project’s describtion reads the following:

MJJJusticeProject is beginning a letter writing and petition campaign in support for Larry Nimmer.

Seemingly, with great vengence, media outlets are continuing to re-air Bashir’s stilted and biased documentary, targeting the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. This, dear friends, is done purposefully and the hateful continuation of disrespect of this gentle man is not lost on the MJGlobal family.

Larry Nimmer’s, “The Untold Story of Neverland”, which is a lovingly filmed documentary that clearly and correctly depicts the real atmosphere of the Neverland Ranch, needs to be aired to counter the outrageousness of Bashir’s piece. It is important to remember that Larry Nimmer was hired by Michael Jackson and his legal team (in) 2005, so it is clearly based in reality and truth.

Larry needs the permission of the Estate to get this documentary aired on telelvision and we feel it critical that he accomplish this goal.

While we feel this is a wonderful cause, we DO NOT wish to add to the burden of the Estate by inundating them with individual letters.

Please do not send individual letters to Mr. Branca’s office, as he and Mr. Weitzman are involved in the ardous task of running Michael’s vast Estate and have assigned a team online that handles the issues that the MJGlobal family wishes to bring to their attention.

We are asking you to fashion a letter in support of Larry Nimmer’s documentary being aired on television and mail it us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to be placed in a group mailing.

Read more on this campaign: http://mjjjusticeproject.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/neverland-campaign/

Read petition “Please support: Larry Nimmer: The Untold Story of Neverland” here: http://www.petitiononline.com/33425/petition.html

To sign this latest petition, please fill in your details here: http://www.petitiononline.com/33425/petition-sign.html

Kind regards,

TST Team

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