November 5, 2011: “Money Is The Root of All Evil.” PDF Print E-mail


“Money” (by Michael Jackson)


Lie for it;
Spy for it;
Kill for it;
Die for it.

So you call it trust,
But I say it's just
In the devil's game
Of greed and lust;

They don't care,
They'd do me for the money.
They don't care,
They use me for the money.

So you go to church,
Read the Holy Word,
In the scheme of life
It's all absurd.

They don't care,
They'd kill for the money.
Do or dare,
The thrill for the money.

You're saluting the flag,
Your country trusts you;
Now you're wearing a badge,
You're called the 'Just few',

And you're fighting the wars
A soldier must do.
I'll never betray or deceive
You, my friend, but..

If you show me the cash,
Then I will take it.
If you tell me to cry,
Then I will fake it.
If you give me a hand,
Then I will shake it.
You do anything for money.

Anything, (anything)
Anything for money,
Would lie for you,
Would die for you,
Even sell my soul to the devil;

Anything, (anything)
Anything for money,
Would lie for you,
Would die for you,
Even sell my soul to the devil.

Where do your loyalties lie?
Is that your alibi?
I don't think so.

You don't care,
You do it for the money,
Say it's fair,
You sue her for the money.

Want your pot of gold,
Need the Midas touch
Bet you sell your soul
'Cause your God is such

You don't care,
You kill for the money,
Do or dare,
The thrill for the money.

Are you infected with the same disease
Of lust, gluttony and greed?
Then watch the ones
With the biggest smiles, the idle jabbers,
'Cause they're the backstabbers.

If you know it's a lie,
Then you will swear it.
If you give it with guilt,
Then you will bear it.
If it's taking a chance,
Then you will dare it.
You do anything for money.

Anything, (anything),
Anything for money,
Would lie for you,
Would die for you,
Even sell my soul to the devil;

[Repeat chorus 3x]

You say you wouldn't do it
For all the money in the world. ..
I don't think so!

If you show me the man,
Then I will sell him.

If you ask me to lie,
Then I will tell him
If you're stealing with God,
Then you will hell him
You do anything for money.

[Repeat chorus]

If you want it, you earn it with dignity!






[Repeat chorus]


Edit: Thank you @ Estelle Ellena-Leandri for sharing the following link with TST on Facebook. . A brilliant video montage which rhymes to a tee with the topic in question.

* A new bullet elaborating on this ancient, yet always current and incessantly burning topic in Michael Jackson's world to come up soon. ..

Kind regards,

TST Team





November 4, 2011: To All Michael Jackson Fans and Supporters: PDF Print E-mail


Whether you have been following this difficult weeks-long trial or not, and irrespective of the soon-to-be resolved outcome of the trial, a little gesture of appreciation to Michael Jackson’s representatives in fighting both highly objectively and empathetically for achieving justice, has been already very much earned, by them and would prove noble if expressed in a mail, a phonecall or an e-letter … Michael Jackson too would be gracious and humbled by the truly professional work they have carried out during the course of these weeks, in trying to persuade the jurors through rationality of his  great dependence… on life. On his children and family, friends and admirers, on his numerous career projects and plans very dear to his soul, for all of whom and which he ached to live.

From MJJ-777 on Facebook:

“To all MJ fans,

As we approach the end of the Murray murder trial, some of us feel it would be a nice gesture to send thank you letters to the prosecutors David Walgren and Deborah Brazil. They have fought so tirelessly and with so much passion, skill and intelligence for MJ. I am asking you to please show them your appreciation. The address is:

District Attorney’s Office

… County of Los Angeles

210 West Temple Street, Suite 18000

Los Angeles, CA 90012-3210

Telephone (213) 974-3512

Fax (213) 974-1484

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth Team



October 7, 2011: Did God Say That You Could Decide Who Will Live And Who Will Die? … PDF Print E-mail

“[…] But every day is born a fool,

One who thinks that he can rule,

One who says ‘Tomorrow's mine’,

One who wakes one day to find

The prison doors open, the shackles broken.

And chaos in the streets.


But every day is born a man

Who hates what he can't understand,

Who thinks the answer is to kill,

Who thinks his actions are God's will.

And he thinks he's free, free, free, free.


Soon must come the day

When the righteous have their way.

Unjustly tried are free.

And people live in peace, I say


Go on and set your conscience free,

Right the wrongs you made,

Even a fool can have his day.

Let us all be free, free, free, free,

Let us all be free, free, free, free.

Let us all be free, free, free, free.



Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth

October 11, 2011: Message From Michael Jackson’s Estate: “Regarding Michael’s Wishes” PDF Print E-mail


-- Forwarding this from the MJJCommunity forum (

“We all know how much Michael cared about children and children’s charities, among his many causes, and we also know that many of Michael’s fans want to honor him by making charitable donations or volunteering their time to help others. We have received many inquiries from concerned and caring fans looking for information to help them in making their choices in this regard.

Although we are not at liberty to provide any details at the present time, we can say that the Executors are very much looking forward to sharing with the fans (and the world at large) the way in which they intend to implement Michael’s wishes under his will to have a certain portion of his estate benefit children’s charities. The process is underway, but there are many steps that have to be taken before the announcement can be made. Bear with us, keep your faith, commitment and patience.”


Kind regards,

TST Team


October 2, 2011: Making the World Better, One Tree at a Time PDF Print E-mail

Target: Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State

Sponsored by:

Africa is bursting with an array of natural resources, yet it remains the world's poorest and least-developed continent. Widespread poverty, starvation, disease, corruption, war and failed central planning have degraded many of its precious natural resources, often at the hands of desperate people.

Fortunately, as the late Dr. Wangari Maathai taught us,
protecting the environment and empowering local communities don't have to be mutually exclusive. Dr. Maathai, the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, was committed to environmental protection, democracy, and human rights. She helped 900,000 African women implement tree planting programs. All told they've planted some 40 million trees.

Dr. Maathai proved it was possible to help people succeed and protect the environment. Her legacy should be continued. Tell Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to ensure that a portion of U.S. foreign aid supports improving environmental responsibility and sustainability in Africa.



"I respect the secrets and magic of nature. That's what makes me so angry when I see these things that are happening in our world. That every second I hear the size of a football field is torn down in the Amazon. I mean, that kind of stuff really bothers me. […] I love… .I love the planet. I love trees. I have this thing for trees. And the colours and the changing of leaves. I loove it! And I respect those kinds of things.

I really feel that nature is trying so hard to compensate for man's mismanagement of the planet. ‘Cause the planet is sick. Like a fever. If we don't fix is now, it is at the point of no return. This is our last chance to fix this problem that we have. It is like a runaway train. When the time is come, this is it.

People are always saying, "Oh," they think, "They'll take care of it." "The Government'll do..." "Done with that..." "They'll..." They who?? It starts with us. It's US! Or else it'll never be done. We have four years to get it right.  After that it would be irreversible. Let's take care of the planet!...”

[Michael Jackson – 2009]


Kind regards,

TST Team



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