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Hello, everyone...

It has come to our attention that Martin Bashir’s controversial documentary, ‘Living With Michael Jackson’, is scheduled to air again in Australia this June 23 – just 2 days before Michael's 2-year commemoration of his death. ... As you know, Bashir’s documentary was filled with truncated footage and side judgemental and warped comments on behalf of the journalist, which his famous benevolent host was not made aware of until it’s first airing in the UK on February 3, 2003. This gross act of betrayal harmed the entertainer beyond belief, him also issuing a press release soon after, in which he expressed feelings of profound sadness and bitterness over having his trust exploited and abused in such a fashion. He welcomed this journalist at his Neverland Ranch and in traveling places with him and his 3 children (for an exclusive interview) for a period of 8 months. …


The above link contains the (conveniently incomplete) description of this problematic documentary, which is not meant to honor Jackson’s memory. Thus, fans of the entertainer are joining forces once again in an attempt to have it removed from Biography Channel. If it is still going to be aired, we are of the just opinion that the rebuttal video, Take Two: The Footage You Were Never Meant to See’, which contains important material of interview highlights intentionally omitted by Bashir in his documentary, should also be aired. This separate special, presented by Maury Povich, was privately filmed by Jackson’s videographer, Hamid Moslehi, although not “secretly” as believed. Additionally, part of the footage has not to this day been aired, however, due to Moslehi’s refusal to hand it over because of an alleged financial dispute with the singer at the time. It would be found by police in a search of Moslehi's home in November 2003, the footage revealing the family of then soon-to-be accuser praising Jackson. …


If you wish to (respectfully) address this topic/issue to Biography Channel, especially in light of Michael’s 2-year departure from this earth, please e-mail them: http://www.biographychannel.com.au/feedback.aspx, or use the following mail addresses and/or telephone number to send in your complaints:

Postal Address


GPO Box 99



Courrier Address


5 Thomas Holt


Nth Ryde NSW



Phone Number

+61 2 9813


We thank you, all, in advance… [And thank you, Meghan, for the original heads-up..]

Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth Team



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No Confidence in the International Atomic Energy Agency

Blogpost by Justin - June 3, 2011 (…)

The United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspected the carnage at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant last week. Take a look at this photograph of their representative.


Take a look at their plastic suits with IAEA hastily sprayed on the back in paint or scrawled on with marker pen. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, does it?

The IAEA was at Fukushima to assess the situation at the disaster site in its role as the global nuclear watchdog and regulator. The problem is that that’s not the organisations only role. The IAEA is a four-headed beast.

Firstly, the IAEA needs to guard against the spreading of nuclear weapons – among others, by overseeing that no nuclear material from the nuclear industry is diverted for military use. You remember probably their missions to Iraq and Iran.

Secondly, the IAEA draws up nuclear safety standards. These are used as benchmarks in virtually all nuclear countries. In the European Union they are even enshrined in law.

Thirdly, it controls research on health issues surrounding radiation that should then feed into its safety standards.

Fourthly, it promotes nuclear power. According to the statutes of the agency, the objective of the IAEA is to ‘accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy’.

Can you begin to see the conflicts of interest here? An organisation charged with promoting nuclear power around the world also controls nuclear safety and health standards. It’s like expecting a tobacco company to prevent lung cancer.

And it gets worse. The IAEA holds a veto over World Health Organization (WHO) programs related to radiation and nuclear power. This has undermined WHO’s ability to respond properly to disasters like the one at Fukushima. The IAEA has vetoed WHO conferences on radiation and health. Independent research has been under-funded and critical scientists ostracized.

Through the dominance of the IAEA and the nuclear industry, the health effects of radiation have been misrepresented and underestimated. As a result, the WHO is unable to provide independent advice and assessments of nuclear accidents in order to protect people at risk.

Which brings us back to Fukushima. The IAEA might like to think it is independent, but it is far from it. The way it communicates its message is designed to serve the interests of the nuclear industry and governments, not people’s health or the environment. In the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, the IAEA channelled all its information through the Japanese government who could then, if it chose, to delay or downplay it.

Thus, we got things like the venting of radioactive steam on March 13, that caused much of the iodine contamination being described as a much safer sounding ‘controlled release of vapour’.

Furthermore, at no stage has the IAEA given any recommendations or analysis of the Fukushima situation. It failed to issue any kind of warning on the likely amounts of radiation released from the overheating reactors, or the overly optimistic assessments provided by the Japanese government in the early days of the crisis.

The latest proof of its happy-clappy outlook on Fukushima can be found in the UK nuclear regulator Michael Weightman - led IAEA mission to the destroyed reactors.

The Japanese Government’s longer term response to protect the public, including evacuation, has been impressive and extremely well organized.

What? The village of Iitate close to Fukushima was only evacuated weeks after Greenpeace had found far over-limit levels of radiation there. Schoolchildren were expected to withstand 20 times the International Commission of Radiological Protection's recommended radiation limit. Maybe Mr. Weightman hadn't had the time to follow the news about Fukushima in the last weeks and someone forgot to tell him about this during his trip to Japan.

But the conclusion of the mission report summary maybe beats it all:

The IAEA mission urges the international nuclear community to take advantage of the unique opportunity created by the Fukushima accident to seek to learn and improve worldwide nuclear safety.

Of course! Nuclear safety is in good hands. The Fukushima disaster was the cold shower needed to refresh nuclear safety culture.

It’s time the IAEA was reformed. It should remember that it serves the people of the world, not the nuclear industry or governments with dirty and dangerous secrets to hide.


Millions Urge Congress to Defund Nuclear Loan Guarantees

Read article here: http://www.ens-newswire.com/ens/jun2011/2011-06-03-091.html


(!) Shut These Nukes Down…

Please, sign this petition urging against the severely downplaying of nuclear plants and their disastrous effects worldwide in the event of natural or provoked catastrophies (i.e. Fukushima, Chernobyl...) This is an initiative sponsored by the Environmental Organization GLOBAL2000:


Also, please, take time to sign the petition below (sponsored by The Rainforest Site) advocating for a nuclear-free world:


Spread the word…

Kind regards,

TST Team

June 1, 2011: New Petition... PDF Print E-mail


Perhaps most unrealistic and naïve to expect a concrete favorable outcome of this earnest action, unearthing a cry of oversaturation with evil, but very much worth the minimal and empathetic effort to sign -- for Michael and his beloved posterity he is survived by.


“Stop all media slander regarding Michael Jackson”

Published by Christel on May 23, 2011

Target: All media outlets

Region: GLOBAL

Web site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Silent-march-for-MJ/...

Background (Preamble):

In the past, the global media have not hesitated calling Michael Jackson names, but they marvel at spreading lies about him. Such as; Michael bleaching his skin because, according to them, he wanted to be white. Issuing an article in which they claim he had cocaine in his underwear. Or saying that Michael was gay, to name just a few.

I will print this off and send it to all possible media outlets once enough signatures have been gathered.

The media love nothing more than to make fun of Michael for money. They will make the public believe anything they say. Even if it's not true. They brainwash the public with their slander. Their continuous lies have contributed to some of the worst moments in his life. Please sign this petition.

We want all media outlets all over the world to stop printing lies about Michael Jackson. Stop this slander! We will not longer let the media use Michael in such a negative way to boost their sales or for any other reason.

Please, support this petition by signing it.

"Lies run sprints, truth runs marathons" - Michael Jackson

Sign the petition:



Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth Team




June 3, 2011: Donate In Michael Jackson's Name: Save The Children Campaign PDF Print E-mail


"[...] In the last 2 years since Mr. Jackson’s premature and tragic death by homicide, his fans have felt a deep need to continue his messages of love, peace and compassion and to help aid the mission which was the closest to his heart: the healing of our world, through the healing of the individual and, particularly, through the healing of the next generation, our children. We were under the impression that your organization supported similar aims; however, every time a fan has tried to donate to you in Mr. Jackson’s name, Save the Children has rejected it. This seems incredibly odd given that one of your donation categories specifies that you welcome “memorial donations” in "honour of a special person." Mr. Jackson was an extraordinary person, yet memorial donations are blocked in his name. [...]"


Read full petition of this above-mentioned campaign: http://www.petitiononline.com/truth4mj/ -- The much needed and appreciated action was started by Laura Messina (Italy). For the English translation, scroll down page.

To have a say and, most preferably, make a difference about this unjust, undemocratic stance, please, contribute your signature here: http://www.petitiononline.com/truth4mj/petition-sign.html

Thank you to all of you in advance. ...


Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth Team


May 30, 2011: More than 300 animals are given a second lease on life PDF Print E-mail



by Peter Li


In April, we reported that more than 400 frightened, apparently abused dogs in China had been rescued from a slaughterhouse-bound truck that was part of the culinary sub-culture of dog eating in the country.

The animals were freed after more than 300 animal advocates, including representatives of HSI's partner organizations in China, spent 17 hours in negotiation with the truck driver. The story drew worldwide attention and prompted an outpouring of sympathy from animal lovers across China.

Survival and recovery

Most of the dogs survived the ordeal, and today, around 360 are undergoing treatment for various ailments. HSI is helping to support the care of these animals. Eventually, efforts will be made to reunite them with their families; when that’s not possible, they’ll be made available for adoption. The dogs are in the care of our partner groups, China Small Animal Protection Association (CSAPA) and Beijing's Capital Animal Welfare Association (CAWA).

Chinese advocates and animal lovers also are standing strong by these lucky dogs. They’re donating to help with their care and volunteering in the hospitals and facilities of CSAPA and CAWA, the latter a group started by an American who has lived in Beijing for almost 18 years.

Please give to support our efforts to help these and other dogs in China and around the world

Likely stolen from their homes

Evidence suggests that many of the dogs could be stolen family pets. CSAPA has received 19 long-distance calls from Henan’s Jiaozhuo, the origin of the truck, by people reporting their dogs missing. With so many different sizes and breeds, these dogs don't seem to be farmed animals. The fact that pure-bred animals such as Tibetan mastiffs and golden retrievers were among those rescued further strengthens the case.

The most moving evidence that the dogs were probably beloved pets before nearly meeting a cruel end is how the animals act with the volunteers - like happy dogs looking for companionship and some playtime.

“When the caring volunteers have to say goodbye, the eyes of the dogs seem to ask ‘When are you coming back?’” said Professor Lu Di, director and founder of CSAPA. “These dogs are so forgiving. They embrace us humans and never hold our wrongdoings against us.”

Still in the headlines

The rescue continues to attract media attention. China’s national CCTV did two long special reports on it and Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV aired an hour-long talk show with advocates involved in the interception and post-rescue care.

Hundreds of thousands of comments about the rescue can be read on a variety of Chinese web sites, with an overwhelming majority condemning cruelty to animals and questioning the culinary sub-culture of dog eating.

A lasting impact

The rescue operation will have a long-lasting impact on China’s animal protection movement:

  • For the first time, the movement drew the support of a major corporation in China. Advocates hope that this will jump-start more corporate participation.
  • The operation once again highlighted the pressing issue of dog eating and its adverse impact on human health. More than half of the dogs rescued were seriously ill. Are they food or are they health hazards? The operation is forcing the Chinese authorities to rethink their passive position on dog eating and long-distance live transport.
  • The rescue successfully tested the tolerance of the authorities with regard to autonomous societal activities. It can be expected that more brave actions shall be undertaken by the nation’s expanding animal protection community.

Support our efforts to help these and other dogs

Dr. Peter Li is HSI's China Specialist.


Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth Team

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