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Today, over 22,000 children died around the world. ...

by Anup Shah

-- Last Updated Monday, September 20, 2010 --


Over 22,000 children die every day around the world.

That is equivalent to:

  • 1 child dying every 4 seconds
  • 15 children dying every minute
  • A 2010 Haiti earthquake occurring almost every 10 days
  • A 2004 Asian Tsunami occurring almost every 10 days
  • An Iraq-scale death toll every 18–43 days
  • Just under 8.1 million children dying every year
  • Some 88 million children dying between 2000 and 2009

The silent killers are poverty, hunger, easily preventable diseases and illnesses, and other related causes. Despite the scale of this daily/ongoing catastrophe, it rarely manages to achieve, much less sustain, prime-time, headline coverage.


Some more numbers on the state of the world’s children:

From UNICEF, the world’s premier children’s organization, part of the United Nations:

  • 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation
  • 1 billion children are deprived of one or more services essential to survival and development
  • 148 million under 5s in developing regions are underweight for their age
  • 101 million children are not attending primary school, with more girls than boys missing out
  • 22 million infants are not protected from diseases by routine immunization
  • 8 million children worldwide died before their 5th birthday in 2009
  • 4 million newborns worldwide are dying in the first month of life
  • 2 million children under 15 are living with HIV
  • > 500,000 women die each year from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth


Why is this tragedy not in the headlines?

UNICEF’s 2000 Progress of Nations report tried to put these numbers into some perspective:

“The continuation of this suffering and loss of life contravenes the natural human instinct to help in times of disaster. Imagine the horror of the world if a major earthquake were to occur and people stood by and watched without assisting the survivors! Yet every day, the equivalent of a major earthquake killing over 30,000 young children occurs to a disturbingly muted response. They die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the scrutiny and the conscience of the world. Being meek and weak in life makes these dying multitudes even more invisible in death.” – A spotty scorecard’, UNICEF, Progress of Nations 2000

Unfortunately, it seems that the world still does not notice. It might be reasonable to expect that death and tragedy on this scale should be prime time headlines news. Yet, these issues only surface when there are global meetings or concerts (such as the various G8 summits, the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005, etc). Furthermore, year after year, we witness that when those campaigns end and the meetings conclude, so does the mainstream media coverage. It feels as though even when there is some media attention, the ones who suffer are not the ones that compel the mainstream to report, but instead it is the movement of the celebrities and leaders of the wealthy countries that makes this issue newsworthy. Even rarer in the mainstream media is any thought that wealthy countries may be part of the problem too. The effects of international policies, the current form of globalization, and the influence the wealthy countries have on these processes is rarely looked at. Instead, promises and pledges from the wealthy, powerful countries, and the corruption of the poorer ones—who receive apparently abundant goodwill—make the headlines; the repeated broken promises, the low quality and quantity of aid, and conditions with unfair strings attached do not. Instead, promises and pledges from the wealthy, powerful countries, and the corruption of the poorer ones - who receive apparently abundant goodwill—make the headlines; the repeated broken promises, the low quality and quantity of aid, and conditions with unfair strings attached do not. Accountability of the recipient countries is often mentioned when these issues touch the mainstream. Accountability of the roles that international institutions such as the World Bank and IMF, and their funders (the wealthy/powerful countries), rarely does. The risk is that citizens of these countries get a false sense of hope creating the misleading impression that appropriate action is taken in their names.

It may be harsh to say the mainstream media is one of the many causes of poverty, as such, but the point here is that their influence is enormous. Silence, as well as noise, can both have an effect.

Please, read more from this poignant article here: http://www.globalissues.org/article/715/today-over-22000-children-died-around-the-world ...


More awareness is needed with regard to these daily silent overlooked events, for we are being 'served' bombastic, dehumanizing consumeristic pseudo-cases, products and services, and half, plausible truths in place of actuality. We are being explained and/or taught that peace can be achieved by means of war, a war seemingly as legal as it was up until World War 1. Beginning with 1945, the postmodern era has met a total of solely 26 days of peace, and millions upon millions of lives brutally and hopelessly taken. Our safety no longer is measured through the natural, given human right to protection, it has become the 'benefit' or luxury obtained at the expense of countless civil deaths, while  utopian beliefs of the wise and wistful in an improved worldwide territory are falling choked under aggression: the agression of the personal profits of the just few in a nuclear era. Conspiracy lunacy?.. Hardly. This is what has become of International Law: utter irrelevance. ...


Dear Planet, dear victims the world over, you are continuing to be present in thoughts and prayers. .. God bless and may He be merciful to us all. ..

Kind regards... as always,

The Silenced Truth Team


March 29, 2011: 'Problems, Times and Tears for Fears'... PDF Print E-mail


Dear visitors/friends,



The below are fragments of statements on behalf of long-time Jackson family friend, who goes by the name Majestic (Majestik) Magnificent. He recently wrote the following regarding persistent death-hoax theories and videos wandering around the Internet and creating confusion among people, splitting them in two, seemingly irreconcilable camps. .. In light of Dr. Murray’s manslaughter trial, such major disinformation and derision are beyond inopportune, as well as non-beneficial to the truth and to each one of us, as human beings. It is highly detrimental. Most especially, to Michael’s three children whom he adored. ...

“This is Majestik Magnificent. I am writing to all of you about some things that are very disturbing. First of all, let me say there has been a video floating around stating that Michael Jackson is still alive and this video is being sold online. PLEASE, DO NOT support this video. It is very heartbreaking and very low for Michael’s three kids to have to hear someone say their father is still alive and yet he does not contact them. This is very hard on children and very hurtful for them to have to hear this.

Second, Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, has so much to worry about and so much to think about, she doesn’t need someone to say they have proof that her son is alive. Once again, it is very disrespectful and very unfair to the entire Jackson family. Unfortunately, it is not true. Michael Jackson has passed.
Michael Jackson is not here anymore. That is the truth. So I ask you NOT to support any video which makes someone money off of lying and saying that someone’s father, someone’s brother, and someone’s son who is dead is still alive. I know it is hard for some of you to let go and I am not asking you to let go. Keep Michael’s spirit and what he stood for within you. Carry him in your heart. Carry him in your memory. But please, do not spread rumors that he is alive. The children do not need to hear that. […]”


Please, everybody, remember and understand all this. ...


Magnificent also had the following to declare via his Facebook account (http://www.facebook.com/people/Majestik-Magnificent/100000374148559) on the “A Million Trees for Michael” inspiring project:

I want to say to Trisha Franklin, Antoinette Albert, and everyone else on the team of “A Million Trees for Michael” project that the nearly 20,000 trees that have been donated for the Michael Jackson National Forest is an amazing thing. Keep up the good work and keep fighting for that. Michael loved nature and cared about the planet. He would support this fully.”



We would like to add that our thoughts and prayers are continuing to be with tragedy-stricken Japan. … Here is a link of the Japanese Red Cross Society, indicating the steps to be taken in order to make donations benefiting Japan a safe procedure:


We cannot forget Egypt, Libya, Syria, Israel and other such peaceless regions, the lives who are slaughtered in vain across the lands. All of the turmoil and the belligerent groups of countries who are fighting fire with vast explosions, ruining virtually all chance for order and mutual agreements. At the expense of spaces being demolished, of (worldwide) economy being badly shaken, of countless lives being killed. Irreversible damage. Digging on a hole until it widens to a black hole. .. It is true, though, that hope dies last. ..

Please, take a moment to sign this following petition, requesting the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Washington, D.C. to help cease the military abuse against the peaceful demonstrators from Tahrir Square in Egypt. .. Thank you in advance.



We will leave you now with ‘Be Not Always’. ..


Until next time… our kind regards..

The Silenced Truth Team


March 24, 2011: The world lost yet another irreplaceable jewel... PDF Print E-mail


As you have probably learned, Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, the acting and dazzling beauty queen of Golden-Age Hollywood, sadly passed away on Wednesday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, due to congestive heart failure. She was 79 years old.. Also a long-time close friend of Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor devoted generous time and efforts to AIDS-related charities and fundraising. She helped initiate the American Foundation for AIDS Research following the death of her former co-star and friend, Rock Hudson. She also created the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation, by 1999 having helped to raise an estimated 50 million dollars to combat HIV/AIDS.

Dear Elizabeth.. You are in all of our prayers.. as are your grieving family and friends.

Your remarkable talent, grace, strength of spirit and soul will live on indefinitely. Your unwavering loyalty, support and caring for your dear friend, Michael Jackson, will never be forsaken. Thank you for your abundant gifts you shared with the world, your presence here will be sorely missed. On behalf of TST and all of us whose lives you touched and inspired… Elizabeth, I Love You. May you rest in eternal peace. ..



The Silenced Truth Team


March 26, 2011: Return.. of the Twilight Zone.. PDF Print E-mail


Hello, everyone…

We’re bringing to your attention yet another sordid propagandistic attempt prompted by malignant motives, on behalf of more or less obscure entities, to irremediably besmirch Michael Jackson’s name and memory. .. Efforts which appear to be rather hazardous and/or fall into the category of pathologic science, although are able to trigger a significant emotional impact on its target audience. They are, bluntly speaking, suiting a darkly-themed agenda.

We have received solicitous e-mails from you in this regard, also, various Michael Jackson websites and fanclubs have drawn attention to this latest such example for a while: an occult fourth-rate German movie, Return Of The Moonwalker, a soon-to-be-released lurid and abhorrent representation of Jackson and his life. The trailer of this tendentiously bizarre and immoral production is available around the Internet. We are going to spare you of its graphic description, and are solely requesting that you contribute your signature for the petition below, aiming to gather 100,000 from you – the rational and empathetic – to help put a stop to this newly planned character assassination of Michael Jackson. ..




Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth Team


March 18, 2011: "If you are shedding tears somewhere, my heart is in pain too." PDF Print E-mail



“Take a minute and pray for Japan. I have been watching TV and I can't believe the things I see. People being rescued and telling their rescuers that there are others who need to be helped more before them. This is amazing. I wanna plan a trip there very very soon. For what it's worth, I am planning to help in my way --can't just stand on the sidelines -- love you, Japan - really. Please pray - give in anyway you can - it may be just a note to a child that is now an orphan --take the time. […] Been watching TV -- I just really care -- people are suffering - it really hurts me too - I think about – suppose it were me. […] There are many people from other countries there as well (…)”

[Tito Jackson, source: http://twitter.com/titojackson5]

“I’d like to say my heart goes out to all the people and the fans out there in Japan, and that disaster that happened to them, my heart goes out to those people there (…)”

[Jackie Jackson, on the phone at Tom Joyner Show http://rnbphilly.com]

"You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give." - K. Gibran (from The Prophet). Can't stop thinking of the beautiful people of Japan as they go through this difficult time. The world is with you. Much love.

[T.J. Jackson, source: http://twitter.com/tjjackson]


“Japan has shown resilience before, and will do so again.

[Jermaine Jackson, source: http://twitter.com/jermjackson5]


All you beautiful people in Japan, your unique dignity, humility and grace have carried you through and above many hardships, be they wars, terrible bomb explosions or natural disasters… Your are highly being thought of and prayed for, as are the hard-working, self-sacrificing heroes struggling to subdue the already damaging radiation effects the Fukushima nuclear plants are emitting, thus the future of countless of beings is in the beyond selfless hands of these plant workers. Although most directly menaced and affected by such extreme exposure, they have refused abandoning their invaluable work for.. humanity, pure and simple. May God keep you and strengthen you all in this dreadfully trying time. ..

Michael Jackson, too, held you in high esteem and had a profound love for Japan and your people ever since childhood. In 1998, he collaborated with Japanese group, J-Friends and created a relief song pertaining the great earthquake that struck Kobe, Japan a few years before. He would be supporting more such benefits if he were here, undoubtedly so. Be sure he is feeling your pain and struggle from wherever he is now. ..


For you, Japan.. And People All Over The World..


Much love and kind regards

From The Silenced Truth


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