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Hello, dear visitors…

We hope you are doing alright…as well as can be expected, while being faced with remembering a year ago this fated day…A sad, sad day, when a person by the name of Michael Joseph Jackson (1958-2009) left us much too soon, much too abruptly, without at least having the chance to utter one last goodbye…The world has truly altered  swiftly and considerably after his departure, it just isn't the same anymore, unhappily.

In our silence, let us keep this unforgetable person intensely in our minds and hearts today, together with Prince, Paris, Blanket, his beloved children, Katherine, his dear mother, and all of the Jackson family, shall we?...Today is such a trying time for them and for everyone that loves and respects Michael.

What a miraculous person we lost…What a miraculous angel we gained, one that will forever be with us in our soul, even though he seems painfully non-existant.


The Silenced Truth appears a bit more quiet in presentation, perhaps since it has been on mourning mode all this time, although is deeply dedicated, oftentimes updated, the ‘Remember…’ section, in particular, and it will continue to be…just like Michael’s legacy. Thank you, all, for your kind comments, thoughtful inquiries, and much welcomed valuable information we have recently received, they are all very much appreciated. We hope we are providing you with a sense of comfort during your stay here, too.

If you wish to take some time to light a candle for Michael today and/or the following days, please, visit www.gratefulness.org/candles/enter.cfm?l=ENG.

Warm regards and blessings,

The Silenced Truth Team

January 19, 2010: Hail To Haiti… PDF Print E-mail

                                                     Dear friends,

As you all most likely know, a catastrophic 7.0 Mw earthquake shook the Republic of Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince this January, with a series of many ensuing aftershocks. Important institutions, such as hospitals and the main jail were destroyed as a result. The International Red Cross estimated that up to three million people were affected by the quake, and it is believed that a staggering number of 200,000 have died. The United Nations called the earthquake the worst disaster the U.N. had ever been confronted with.

Immediate rescuing aids arrived, countries mobilizing themselves for the reconstruction of Haiti. Appeals for humanitarian aids were also issued by organizations as the International Red Cross, the Salvation Army or the United Nations, and significant contributions by other charitable institutions and separate entities have been made.

You can also contribute by donating for this crumbled land and poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The link below is very useful in this respect, providing you with information on how and where to make your donation:


You can also send a message of support to survivors and rescuers here:


If you wish to donate in honor of Michael Jackson, the philanthropist – a deed which would make him feel blessed - one of this site’s visitors, Stephanie, was kind enough to provide us with a link containing information on personal fundraising created by Partners In Health, an organization working for benefiting Haiti for nearly 25 years. The relief campaign message is signed by Jean Holland and $10,000 is the targeted amount meant to be funneled in Michael’s honor:


If you can, please contribute, asking yourselves: “What have I got that I can give?”  and (continue to) send out prayers to the less fortunate.

Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth Team
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Once again, we are awfully appreciative of your interest in Michael’s countless and significant charitable contributions and reflections of them from others that we are continuing to discover and add to the site. We would like to respond to each and everyone of you, nonetheless this new message acknowledges all of your wonderful, encouraging comments anew. Our wish is simply that Michael’s message and humanness be disseminated by as many of you, dear visitors/fans by means of this website, and follow his example of generosity, gentleness, strength and spirituality. By the „This Is It” concerts, he wanted to offer his children, the fans and the world a new message of love and peace to be disseminated worldwide; he would still envision a world where more people of all color, creed and age can learn to hold hands in support and love, and a world „full of children”…that we, as adults, have to learn more about.

Thus, our sole request is that you spread his vision to other people and heed it and try to apply it even in a small, non-pretentious way, again, not simply because he said so, but because it is human. It would mean literally everything to him….and that you all knew who he really, truly was.

We will try to respond to more specific questions, too, when time permits.

Thank you again deeply and kindly for your patience and interest in this site and…live responsibly.

Kind Regards,
The Silenced Truth Team
December 24, 2009: Season’s Greetings… PDF Print E-mail


Dear visitor/friend,

The Silenced Truth Team wish to thank you for coming to this site, wishing you the best of health, peace and love for these holidays and for the years to come.

While celebrating Christmas this year, let us remember Michael in prayer, and hold his children and family in our thoughts this particular time...precisely 6 months after. Let us also give from the soul or devote ourselves more to each other.

Happy Holidays,

The Silenced Truth Team.

P.S.: The site is being periodically updated. Stay tuned.

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