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Michael Jackson’s first book of poems and essays, titled “Dancing The Dream” is released as a first edition on June 1, 1992 by Doubleday publisher. The book touches on subjects varying from innocence, peace and upheavals, animal safeguard, a safe environment, family values and society turmoil, planet Earth as a whole and Divinity, in works as: “Angel of Light”; “Berlin 1989” ; “But The Heart Said No”; “The Boy and the Pillow”, “On Children Of The World”; “Enough For Today”; “The Fish That Was Thirsty”; “God”; “Look Again, Baby Seal”; “So The Elephants March”; “So The Elephants March”, “Mother”; “Planet Earth”; “When Babies Smile” or “Wise Little Girl”. The contemplative works contain Jackson’s spiritual advice, personal views and teachings, and are further indications of his invariable interests, glorifying universal peace, purity of perception, godlike love, unity among people and nations, with particular exhortations toward children protection. The book features a multitude of photos from Jackson's personal collection, several photo shoots, short-film stills, as well as pictures and paintings by some of his favorite artists, such as David Nordahl.

Below, there is a selection of essays and poems from “Dancing The Dream”:

“A Child Is A Song”

“Angel of Light”

“Berlin 1989”

“But The Heart Said No”


“Children of the World”

“Enough For Today”



“Look Again, Baby Seal”

“Mark of the Ancients”

“Mother Earth”

“On Children of the World”

“Planet Earth”

“So The Elephants March”

“That One in the Mirror”

“The Boy And The Pillow”

“The Fish That Was Thirsty”

Wise Little Girl