1983 - June: "CREEM" Magazine Interview PDF Print E-mail

On his faith in a higher force:

"I believe in God. We all do (the Jacksons). We like to be straight, don't go crazy or anything. Not to the point of losing our perspective on life, of what you are and who you are. A lot of entertainers, they make money and they spend the rest of their life celebrating that one goal they reached, and with that celebration comes the drugs and the liquor and the alcohol. And then they try to strighten up and they say, 'Who am I? Where am I? What happened?' And they lost themselves, and they're broken. You have to be careful and have some kind of discipline."

On being referred to as a "child":

"I don't mind. I feel I'm Peter Pan, as well as Methusaleh, and a child. I love children so much. Thank God for children. They save me every time!"