1991 - August/September: "Upscale" Magazine Questions Submitted to Michael Jackson PDF Print E-mail

On his concrete philantropic plans at the time:

"Each letter requesting money or help is evaluated separately. There will be continued support to: UNCF, YMCA, Ronald McDonald House, Starlight Foundation, Make A Wish Foundation, Minority AIDS Foundation."

On children and the disadvantaged ones he supports:

"Because of the love for children, a lot of time is spent with them. Terminally ill children are seen right before stage performances. Some of these children are brought in wheel chairs. Children have no hidden agenda. Last year, bus loads of kids from YMCA, Make A Wish and others were brought in to the ranch to spend the day."

On his message to children around the world through his then new album, "Dangerous":

"The "Bad" album’s message was good. The current album is devoted to love and understanding. Sample title of one of the cuts: "Heal The World."

On what he would like to be remembered for / his legacy he wants to leave:

"Helping – especially children."