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On negative rumors in the press:

”Despite what the press says about celebrities and myself in general, I move ahead, I don’t pay attention to that tabloid junk. I have my dreams, I’m a visionary. I feel as if I had a suit of armor around me, like a rhinocerous skin. […] The press creates all of these stories, so people will buy their magazines or read their columns. You musn’t read everything you read. Most of it is not true, most of it’s garbage. And I want people to be aware of what the tabloid media is like. I have had so much fun working with my sister [on “Scream”] and working on the set every day. I haven’t seen her in quite some time and she is busy and I’m as well and it’s like a reunion. I’m closest to Janet of all the family members. We were very emotional on the set. We laughed, we cried, we had a lot of fun. Everyday she’d come to me sad because of something in the press. I told her she’d just have to become resilient. […] I believe in my work, like I said, I have great confidence in my dreams. When I have a great idea, I have an iron will, even though the media creates such negative stories, they do it just to sell more papers. If you look throughout history, and I’m not trying to put my name with the names of the past, it’s been pretty much the same. Ghandi, Christ, and I’m not saying I’m Christ, I don’t want to hear the press saying that. Some of the worst attentions have to do with ignorance on the part of the people because of bad press. If it happened to them, it can happen to me.”

On the things he missed in his childhood:

“Probably the simple, little things that kids do… like having a friend over or going to the park, or trick-or-treating, or Christmas, or a birthday. When we were little, we didn’t have any of those things – we heard about them, but we never did them. Most kids take it for granted. I haven’t celebrated my birthday yet, but I think maybe I will!”

On his favorite song from the HIStory album:

“[…] My favorite song is…gee, it’s hard…probably ‘Childhood’, ‘Earth Song’ and ‘Stranger in Moscow’. […]”

On his favorite music:

“[…] To be honest, I think my first love and appreciation for music was classical. In kindergarden, [I’d listen to] Tchaikowsky, the great writing of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein, and others. I love showtunes.”

On rendering help to disadvantaged children:

"I truly care about children, and about the future for our children. I’m a little frightened about what the future is going to bring. I truly, truly, love them and care about them. I will always help them. When I go on tour, I visit hospitals, terminally ill children. At my ranch at Neverland, we have many terminally ill children as our guests. We do this every few weeks. We do it because we truly love them and we care."

On his favorite place to travel to and his further relief-oriented plans:

"My most favorite place that I’ve travelled to probably would have to be between South America and Africa. Because I love the people and I love the culture. The plight of the children is very interesting and I would love to continue to travel…to see more things and to help more people."

On his inspiration for the single "Beat It":

" […] The gestation process for "Beat It" was so fast, it was amazing. I thought about what I’d do in that situation…A confrontation with a gang…I wouldn’t do what those people would do. The way I was raised…I would turn the other cheek without creating a war or being a coward either."

On his proudest musical achievement:

“One of them – it is a really difficult question to answer because I’m not a woman, but writing a song is like conceiving a child. I love all the songs. We are the world (charity single) is one of the most favorite things that I’ve done. I am proud of that..It has reached a lot of people, it has touched a lot of people."

On “Dancing The Dream”:

“I wrote a book called ‘Dancing The Dream’. It was more autobiographical than Moonwalk, which I did with Mrs. Onassis. It wasn’t full of gossip and scandal and all that trash that people write, so I don’t think people paid much attention to it, but it came from my heart. It was essays, thoughts and things that I’ve thought about while on tour […]”

On the advice he would give to an aspiring artist:

“You don’t pay attention to it. You become strong, you move ahead. The best advice I can give is to believe in yourself, know there’s a tomorrow, walk tall…don’t pay attention to the garbage…it’s complete ignorance.”

On his best friends and his hopes:

"Pretty much the same as I’ve said. The children of the world, for their innocence, their simplicity and their love. It’s the same kind of innocence that I find in animals. They just want you for your love and I love that. […] I pray that we continue to serve the world in a positive way, not a negative way and not hurt anyone, because it’s wonderful."