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On his song-writing process:

“I kinda parallel it to a, you know... It's like the gestation process of birth. You know, it's a... You know, it's like having children, and having to raise them and bring them out into the world, and once they get into the world, they're on their own. So, it's, it's very exciting. I mean, you never get too used to it, ever. It's an incredible process. But you leave it in the hands of God, like you do when you're having a child. […] The songwriting process is something very difficult to explain, because it's very spiritual. It's...You really have it in the hands of God, and it's as if it’s been written already - that's the real truth. As if it’s been written in its entirety before were born and you're just really the source through which the songs come. Really. Because there is...they just fall right into your lap in it's entirety. You don't have to do much thinking about it. And I feel guilty having to put my name, sometimes, on the songs that I - I do write them - I compose them, I write them, I do the scoring, I do the lyrics, I do the melodies, but still, it's a...it's a work of God.”

On his short film, “Ghosts”:

“And that was one of my most favorite things I've ever done because it's been a dream of mine for a long time to do something like, you know, scary but comical at the same time, and it's all the elements, just fun. 'Cause I don't want to scare people to the point where they're afraid to go to sleep. I want it to have a little twist of humor. And within the laugher there is a tear, you know? It's fun, you know. These ghosts, they weren't really scary, they were fun. They walked up the ceilings. Little kids were laughing at them. They were fun. You know, we don't want to horrify them. But we gave this fat man, this Mayor, his justice, for coming into my house, which was private property, judging me. You know…”

On his resilience down a winding road:

“[…] I'm so proud and honored that I've been chosen from the Heavens, or whatever it is, to be Invincible, and to just continue to grow and to be, you know... serve the people. It serves the people with wonderful entertainment. I'm one of the few people, probably, in show business, that have been through the ins and outs, you know, of so many different things. I've been through hell and back. I have to be honest, and, and still I'm able to do what I do and nothing can stop me. No one can stop me, no matter what. I stop when I'm ready to stop. You know, and I'm just saying, you know, I will continue to move forward, no matter what.”

On comedy actor and friend, Chris Tucker:

“I am a huge, huge fan Chris Tucker. He makes me laugh so hard. I've seen all of his films, and he's just a funny guy. I like people who can make you laugh without using vulgarity, or bad words. For the kids, they're for all different demographics, all the corners of the earth and he's just a funny guy.”

On his inspiration for song, “Speechless”:

‘Speechless’ was inspired to me by…I spend a lot of time in the forest. I like to go into the forest and I like to climb trees. My favorite thing is to climb trees, go all the way up to the top of a tree and I look down on the branches. Whenever I do that, it inspires me for music. There are these two sweet little kids, a girl and a boy, and they're so innocent; they're the quintessential form of innocence, and just being in their presence I felt completely speechless, 'cause I felt I was looking in the face of God whenever I saw them. They inspired me to write Speechless.”

On the negative effects of early stardom on some artists:

“But in the music business some of these great artists have become stumped because they self-abuse themselves at a young age, with all these crazy things they drink and pills and things, and that's just not good -- just not a good thing. I hate to say that to hurt anybody, but we should take care of our bodies a little more.”

On wearing disguises and his loyal fans:

“Yeah, because where ever I go, I disguise myself, now -- but now I can't with, 'cause, you know, with what's going on in the world -- so I don't wear a disguise. And people, they just go... they really go crazy. They're very happy to see you. They feel as if they know you. You have to respond back to them like you know them. They feel they personally know you. My picture's on their walls, you know, my music is playing in their house, so they grab you and they hug you and they touch you and they... So I usually respond back with hugs and loves and kisses. ‘Cause I love... I love... I truly love my fans. Truly, truly from the heart. That's the real truth. I love them. And the ones who are… like when we go to a certain country and they're outside, and outside they're sleeping on the street and I throw them pillows and cover and everything. And I have my security guards buy them pizza so they can all eat, and get the candles and, you know, we really take care of them. They're very, very, very sweet and supportive.”

On tabloids:

“[…] Make sure the fans know, all tabloids should be out. Do not believe anything you read in a tabloid. It's garbage and it's junk. We should have a tabloid burning, like a big mountain -- just set it afire. Don't waste your time with it. It's stupid.”

On his profound connection with performing and his audience:

“That's exactly what it is, you're connected to a higher source and you just go with the moment and you become one with, you know, the spirit. Not to sound religious or anything, but it's a very spiritual... very much like religion, and it's a God-given gift and you just go with it. And I'm honored to have been given it. And it’s fun to become one with the audience. It's a one-ness, you know?”

On the only songs he were to perform for the rest of his life:

"Heal The World", "Speechless", […] "You Are My Life" […] because, the point is that they’re very melodic and if they have a great important message that’s kind of immortal, that can relate to any time and space.”

On charity song "What More Can I Give" and the benefit show he did with a host of stars in memory of the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City:

"[…] You give of yourself. You give of your talent, of your ability…The talent that was given to you by the Heavens. That’s why we’re here, to bring a sense of escapism in time of need. And, if you’re a painter, you paint; if you’re a sculptor, you sculpt; if you’re a writer, you write; if you’re a songwriter, you give songs. […] You give people some love and some bliss and some escapism, and to show that you truly care from the heart and be there for them. Not just from a distance, but show you really care. You know, take the long mile and be there for them. And that’s what I did, and many others who cared and helped. And it’s an important thing."

On him being inspirational to others and on his own inspirations:

"[…] I pray that I’m doing my job; what I’m here to do on Earth. Because I love the fans, I love the kids, I love the babies, and that’s what gives me my inspiration, the children, the babies, the fans. I love them very much."

More on "What More Can I give":

"It’s a very important song for the world. To give some feeling and some loving and some caring to those people who were thrust into orphanage, or, just within a matter of seconds, they lost their parents and their loved ones, you know?"

On his plans for 2002:

"Film. [..] To do more movies. […] Dancing. And more peace into the world. I pray for peace all the time. And the most important thing I pray for is protection for children and babies. That’s the thing that concerns me the most, I like them to be protected and to have more children’s rights in the world, where there’s a day for children; a celebration for children. Give them a little more attention and love."

On his most ardent wishes:

"[…] I would love to see a children’s festival, to hear children’s choirs, pretty much present when I come to different countries, singing some of their favorite songs of mine. We should forge and create a children’s day, a celebration internationally, where children are honored. Where parents can take their children to the movies or to the toy store or to the park. And, that, alone, will create a bonding. Because the family bond has been broken. They don’t eat with their children or speak to their children much anymore, or mother their children. […] We have Mother’s day, Father’s Day – no Children’s Day. And I would love […] to see them sing songs, or a parade or something. I would love that."

On some of the qualities a human being should posess:

"[…] The most important: Stay humble. The humbleness that a child – like a new-born baby – has. Even though you become powerful and have power with people, with your talent…[…] Underneath all that be as humble as a child, as a baby, and be as kind and as giving and loving. They don’t become puffed up with pride."

On his mission to help others:

"I’ve always done that, yes. […] I’ve done it all my career: "Heal The World", "We Are The World"; "Will You Be There", "Man In The Mirror", about the planet, earth songs. […] Because that’s where my heart is. I care. My biggest dream is to have a Children’s Day, where children can bond with their parents."

On the source of his affinity for children:

"[…] I never had a childhood. When they’re in pain, I feel their pain. And when they’re in despair, I feel their despair. I have such concern about the plight and the state of our children today. If there was one day where kids could get with parents and bond, this would make such a difference. […]"

On his advice for people of every job field:

“Even if you're sweeping floors or painting ceilings, do it better than anybody in the world, no matter what it is that you do. Be the best at it, and have a respect for others, and be proud of yourself… and to honor; be honorable, you know… No matter what, the most powerful thing in the world is the human mind and prayer, and belief in your self and confidence and perseverance. No matter how many times you do it, you do it again until it's right. And always believe in yourself. And not matter who's around you that's being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off. Because whatever you believe, you become. […] And after all that, the most important -- most important: stay humble!...”