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On the “Unbreakable” track from "Invincible":

“[The message of “Unbreakable” is] that (I’m) invincible, that I’ve been through it all. You can’t hurt me. Knock me down. [To Prince, who begins to bang his Snapple lemonade on the coffee table] See the noise you’re making? You’ve got to be nice and quiet.” .

On some of his best friends:

“Elizabeth [Taylor], [Marlon] Brando, Gregory Peck, these are very close friend of mine. Either they’re much older than me or much younger. I’ve never had real contact with a person my age level. I think this happened because all my life I played clubs, since I was 5 years old. I saw people drunk, fighting, and it was just disgusting. When people say to me today, “Hey, let’s go to a club”, I go, “No way” […]

On coping with transitioning from child to adult stardom:

“[…] This is true, and this is not to be taken lightly. People who grew up as child stars have the same thing in common. You’re cute, they love you; you go through the awkward stage, they don’t accept you anymore. Very few make the transition to adult star. And most of them become self-destructive. And it’s very sad. […] [In my case] I think religion entered in”.

On insulting appellations addressed to him by [tabloid] press:

“But that’s not nice [when people call me Wacko Jacko]. They do that because they’re jealous. I haven’t done anything. I go to hospitals and orphanages. And we take huge bags of toys. I spend thousands of dollars. What’s so wacko about that? […] I did [the] Oprah [show], I did [the] Diane Sawyer [show]. [People] saw me. [The press] is just completely jealous. And it’s just one of those things that I have to deal with. […] I turn it into positive energy [though]. And I write about it; it’s in my movement, it’s in the expression of my face. And it becomes part of me, part of my creation. And I try not to let it get to me. Because if you do, you’ll go crazy.”

On his favorite T.V. show:

“[…] My favorite show is ‘Malcolm In The Middle’. It reminds me so much of [my brothers and I] when we were little. […] [I relate to] Malcolm. Mainly because he tries to fit into society, and he doesn’t – like E.T. or Bambi, he can’t adjust to other people’s concepts. And I feel like that a lot of times. Once I’m offstage, I feel awkward, like this is not where I’m supposed to be. […]”

On his mission to help others:

"I’ve always done that, yes. […] I’ve done it all my career: "Heal The World", "We Are The World"; "Will You Be There", "Man In The Mirror", about the planet, earth songs. […] because that’s where my heart is. I care. My biggest dream is to have a Children’s Day, where children can bond with their parents."

On the source of his affinity for children:

"[…] I never had a childhood. When they’re in pain, I feel their pain. And when they’re in despair, I feel their despair. I have such concern about the plight and the state of our children today. If there was one day where kids could get with parents and bond, this would make such a difference. […]"

On his children, their education, and fatherhood:

“[…] [My children go with me] everywhere I go. […] [When they start school,] I’m going to build a computer school on the grounds [of Neverland]. With other children. […] How can they go into society.? He’s Prince Michael Jackson. She’s Paris Katherine Michael Jackson. It would be too difficult.”

“I try my hardest [to be a good father]. I try to bring them a lot of fun. Once a year, I dress up like a clown, with the whole gear – the nose, the paint. And I give them candy and cookies. […] And ice cream.”