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On the world’s negative happenings nowadays:

“[…] I think a lot of what is going on is Biblically prophesied.”

On Princess Diana:

You know…we shared the same life. We shared the same pain. And that’s what we could talk about on the phone. We were like two caged animals. We could talk about it. And that was our therapy - speaking to each other.”

On the most memorable advice late Princess Diana gave him:

"To continue the work I’m doing to help the children. And whatever I do, don’t stop. To continue to love and to travel and to go to the hospitals. That was her favourite thing about me — how much I loved them, sincerely, from the heart. […] I think we lost a precious jewel when she died. We lost the heart of the world. It was like when we lost Mother Teresa. The world isn’t the same place any more."

On the message of song, "The Lost Children":

"I’m saying there are souls out there that are lost. People who have disappeared and have never been found again. I remember when I was a little kid, I was in a department store with my mother. I was no more than five, I think. I turned around and she was gone. I’ll never forget the feeling. I felt my world was ending. So imagine really, really being lost. It’s like Armageddon of the brain."

On the most enjoyable aspect about being a pop star:

“Getting to share your gift from God with the world and hope and pray they accept it and love it. I just want to make wonderful music and give them a treat to the eye with song and dance and a sense of escapism, that’s all really.”

On his regrets:

“Wanting to be with other children and I couldn’t. I was thrust into an adult world. All my childhood I was with grown-ups - playing nightclubs and fights break out and people drinking - Chicago, New York, Indiana, and all throughout the south and Philadelphia. I was never with children.”

On his father:

”[…] Out of the criticism came forgiveness. The [Oxford] speech was about how to forgive our parents for their wrongdoing and laziness. And I had a lot of harsh bitterness embedded in my soul. It was so bad. […] [But] I love [my father] and I totally forgive him.”

On his future:

“[I’m] very [optimistic]. When I see a baby smile, I bubble with a sense of bliss. And I believe in that smile. I see God in that smile.”