2001 - "Steve Harvey Morning Show" Radio Interview PDF Print E-mail


On getting emotional on stage:

“It's always real and I take that moment and I pray not to cry, and I usually do. You know, because everything goes back to me, from conception you know, to when we were little babies and children, and out to see of this all things. You know, the agitation and notoriety, and it's just a work from God, it all goes through me real fast, you know, it's a blessing and I just break down and I cry at that moment. But I try not to show it to the audience and I just can't help it, you know...”

On coping with tabloid press:

“[…] It's not easy being in my position, because to create so much sensationalism and tabloids, people lie, they create rumors and stories, and none of it's true. And it's very difficult, it's not easy, it's very hard, and you end up...you hurt sometime (sic) and you try being resilient as possible, but it's very, very difficult, because there's tabloids who lie and they just hate that they're jealous. So when you read it, it's a lie, don't believe it, burn it, we should have a tabloid burning, we should have a tabloid burning, make a mountain out of them and just destroy them, they just hate to see us grow and build and build, there's nothing wrong with that, they can and it's ok, what should I do, you know, re-enforce the talent that God gave us... and that's all I wanna do, share the love and gift of entertainment, I don't wanna hurt anybody...”

On Neverland:

"It is just a serene and tranquil place to just relax and enjoy yourself and leave your troubled mind, and things that irritate you in your heart and in your soul, behind. Once you enter the gates, it’s just a very wonderful, quiet, loving place; and where there is lakes and rolling hills and grass and trees, and rides and trains. […] I get to compensate for the loss in my childhood that I never got to enjoy and childlike things, but it’s for everybody. And we have handicapped kids, kids with cancer, terminally ill children, leukemia kids, (children invited through) "Make A Wish Foundation", "Dream Street"; we’ve been doing this for over 9, 10, 11 years...[...] And I did it before ...We never wave a flag, we never try to get press support; I do it quietly, we've helped...by the busloads they come, we're not allowed cameras or videos, but I do it quietly , cause this charity is from the heart, you know? Not to say 'Look at me, look what I’m doing it quietly from the heart ...And I've done this for years, many many years...One day, maybe you can meet me here and we can say hello?"

On his race and the real Michael Jackson:

“I’m proud of my heritage. […] I'm proud of it, I'm proud to black, I'm honored to be black, and I just hope that one day that they will be fair and portray me the way I really really am, just a loving, peaceful guy wanting to make wonderful, unprecedented entertainment and songs and music and film for the world, you know?...That's all I wanna do, I am no threat, I just wanna do that, that's all I wanna do…[I want to] give joy to the world.”