"World Peace Foundation for Children" Speech - May 15, 1998 PDF Print E-mail


"Thank you. […] On October 11th, I am very excited to be organizing and performing the first of what I hope will be a series of concert appearances to benefit the World For Peace Foundation for Children. In 1985, I joined with many others in the music industry to create We Are The World, a song which led to the USA For Africa concert. That event brought millions of dollars and aid to hungry families and children throughout Africa and the United States. Following that experience, it was my dream to do a worldwide series of concerts which would raise funds to bring aid to suffering people around the Globe. Today, with the help of many friends, we are taking the first steps toward realizing that dream. I am delighted to be working with my good friend, Luciano Pavarotti, my lovely friend, Elizabeth Taylor, to perform the first of these concerts (…) in Korea, a country I have grown to love very very much. We are also working to have a very special performance in the demitilarized zone which separates North and South Korea, an event which was never been done before. Elizabeth Taylor has supported this endeavor since its inception, and I’m very excited that she will be joining me at this very important event. It is my sincere hope that, through my efforts and through the support of JL Communications and the Korean Peace Foundation for Children, we can bring an end to famine in this troubled part of the world. In the years ahead, it is my intention to create similar events […]”