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On children and visiting children’s hospitals:

“One thing I’ve always wanted to do (in my spare time) and that’s work with children in some way. I think children, especially the young ones, have a special magic and it’s great to be around that. One day, I think, I’d like to be a teacher, or a social worker. Anything, really, that involved children. [...] It would be marvelous to be able to help (foster) kids who otherwise would only know poverty and despair in their lives. I guess that’s about the greatest thing you can do, save someone from a bad life and help to give it some meaning. We’ve seen children all round the world who have a hard time and you really want to help everybody. We do our best, we do a lot of benefits for causes like blind children, go to hospitals, and of course, visit and play in schools. I don’t think the teachers like it all that much. I know that before we arrive, they always give their lecture saying „Now, you’ve got to behave properly and sit quiet”, but when we get there, the kids forget all that and go crazy. They let go, have a good time and jump all over everything – still, I don’t think it does any harm to anybody, and since the kids buy our records, but can’t always afford to come to the concerts, it’s great that they have a chance to see us and we get a chance to meet them.”

On drug consumption:

“I’ve never even touched heroin or any drugs like that. I’ve never even smoked pot. Never in my honest-to-God life. I’m telling you the truth. I’ve never tried it, and I don’t want to try it. I’ve been offered… well, anyway, I’ve never tried any of these things. I’m not interested in it. I’m happy the way I am. If I want to feel free with my mind, I’ll go for a walk along the beach, read a beautiful book or write a song. Or spend time with children, which I love to do.”

On God, and poverty:

“We believe there is a God. A lot of people don’t believe there is. Science is so silly sometimes. The sun has been up there for ages and ages – what holds it up? I don’t care how many scientific explanations they give me, it ain’t deep enough for me. And, by traveling the world, I know there must be a God. I’ve seen so much, I’ve been in the poorest and richest of homes. Sometimes, I just want to take all the children of the world in my arms. In the Philippines and Africa, people are living in cardboard houses. You can watch the wind blow them down. It’s sad.”



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