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On traveling, going places and the people of different cultures:

“I always wanted to see the places that I had read about – places like France, Africa, England. I remember the palm trees in Los Angeles. When we moved there, from Gary, my brothers and I had never seen a real palm tree before, only on television. I enjoy visiting lots of places like Buckingham Palace, because I can write reports about them. But wherever I travel, whether it’s Chicago, Mexico City or Manilla, I love meeting the children. Really, they are no different from kids in United States. I remember when we performed in Tokyo, Japan. The kids couldn’t understand our language, but they certainly understood our music.”

“We were visiting in the land of thrilla-in-Manilla. Muhammad Ali fought there and he told us that it was a beautiful city with lots of friendly people. That was true, but on our first day, we had a real thrill. The city was struck by an earthquake! I headed right for the door when the concert hall started shaking. But since Los Angeles has earthquakes too, I wasn’t really that afraid. [...] The world is real (sic) big. Big and very different. I can’t say where I liked it best, but I am happy to have seen so much of it by now.”



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