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On one of his pet peeves:

“When show business personalities get a certain amount of fame and think they’re exalted and higher than other people, I feel that’s very wrong. They shouldn’t take that kind of attitude, because it’s ignorant. I’ve watched some people go through those kind of changes and I ask myself what makes them get that way. What makes them think their blood is any richer than anybody else’s? But I never talk to them about it. It just happens. Those people just seem to be hard-headed.”

On what he looks for in a friend:

“Good humor. Humility. And kindness. That’s very important. There are only certain people we let come past our gate. It depends on what kind of human being the person is. Who you let inside your house is very important.”

On aiding disadvantaged children:

“There are so many children all over the world who die from hunger. I’ve seen them myself in Manila and India. The poverty is really incredible. So, to bring a child into your home and take care of it is saving a life. And life is important.”

On the ideal wife:

“I would like for her to be nice and kind. That’s important.”



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