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On brotherly love:

“Brotherly love means getting along with people, even if they’re not related to you. That means the kids at your school, the people where you work, and like that. That doesn’t mean you love everybody, just treat them right. You don’t have to be good friends with them to do that. Brotherly love also means not wishing anything bad on people. Even if you’re mad at somebody. You might talk bad about somebody when they do you wrong, because everybody loses their temper now and then. But after you cool off, you know you really didn’t mean all those things. Even if you put that person down and quit being friends, you still don’t wish him bad luck or anything like that. I don’t think I could deliberately hurt somebody who did me wrong. I just wouldn’t have anything more to do with them. I’d just put them out of my mind. It seems there’s not much brotherly love going around these days. There should be more of it and then I think things would be a lot better for everybody. Everything I know about brotherly love was taught to me by my parents.”


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