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On one of his and his family’s dogs at the time, Heavy:

"[Heavy, our dog] loves people so much and has such a sweet personality, that we can’t decide if we should try to make a guard dog out of him or not. [...] For instance, if Heavy was trained as a guard dog, he would snarl, bark and even try to bite someone he didn’t know who came into our yard. That person might be just a harmless mailman! [...] I think that it would be cruel to take a dog with Heavy’s sweet personality, and turn him into something he wasn’t meant to be. It’s kind of the same thing as putting some guy into the army who is real (sic) sensitive and gentle, putting a gun into his hand and trying to make him a good soldier. In the first place, it’s probably not going to work, cause you can’t change someone into something completely different, and in the second place, you would be causing that person a lot of pain and heartache making him do things he doesn’t want to do!”

"It’s the same way with Heavy. If I sent him to guard dog school, I’d be taking a dog who is loving and gentle, and trying to change into a completely different dog. I just don’t think it would be fair! [...] I spend more time with Heavy than anyone else in our family. He’s kind of my dog. [...].


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