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On his love of acting and favorite actor at the time:

"I’d like to be an actor, like the kinds of things Sidney Poitier does. Sidney was terrific in "Blackboard Jungle” (*Poitier plays a student in a particularly rough high school, a bitter ghetto black male named Miller, who eventually becomes the unifying force between the rebellious students and a teacher). The first time I saw that picture, I knew he was tops in my book. I watch the movie every time it’s on TV. I guess the character he played is so much like people I’ve known in my life. Maybe that’s why his acting so appealed to me. [I do imitations of Poitier. I’ve memorized many lines from "Blackboard Jungle”, "Lillies of the Field” and others].”

On his favorite music to listen to and his favorite singer at the time:

"I like classical music and soft-listening music. Not just rock. Sometimes I sit and listen to singers like Johnny Mathis. Before I began to develop my own style, I wanted to sound just like Johnny. I had never heard such a smooth voice before. [...]”