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On the siblings he is closest to:

„Randy is the one I’m with all the time, 'cause the rest of [our brothers] – they’d rather go to the park all the time, but he’d rather stay home and stay with me. He’s the only one I can be a big brother to. I help him with stuff like if he can’t open a jar or figure something out, he’ll come to me.”

On their nicknames:

„When Tito and Jackie really want to make us mad, they call Jermaine 'Big Head,' Marlon 'Liver Lips' and they call me "Big Nose".

On his pet animals at the time:

„[I collect white mice and I have a snake too that we found at beach]. We were out taking pictures for the "ABC” album cover and Chris Clark saw him in the bushes in the way back to the car. We caught him just before he crawled into his hole and she gave him to me.”

On the girls he likes and their female fans:

"The first thing I notice about a girl is the way she acts – they’re a little bit different than the boys, you know... I mean, the girls that go to my school, not the big girls. I like big girls better, big girls don’t play hit and run, they don’t act like that.”

"In New York, girls bought stuff for us; we never told them to do it, but they just did it anyway. We were at the Apollo Theater and these girls came with a bunch of stuff – a bag fulla stuff they bought us – you know, watches and things. And we didn’t tell them to do it. We didn’t even know they were coming, you know, I didn’t even know them, they were just real (sic) nice.”

On his life and spare time activities since moving to California:

"[Since moving from Gary, Indiana to California], first of all, I got taller and my voice is changing a little. I have more to do at home now, and less time to play. I wash dishes sometimes, sweep, take out garbage, just help out, because we stay in a bigger house now. Oh, yeah... and clean my room. I draw most of the time when I’m not recording or practicing.”

On their early stardom as the Jackson 5, night-club performances and coping with fan hysteria:

"The first two shows we did at Mr. Lucky’s in Gary. I was scared of that [laughs]. We were making eight dollars a night, and I thought it was a lot of money. We used to do a bunch of night-clubs, a bunch. I was afraid to go on the first time, to let the people see, scared they might 'boo’ us or something, scared they might not like us. I thought they were just being nice, but I got over being afraid. [...] In New York once, the girls jumped on the stage and started tearing my clothes, but they had guards there to get them away. In San Francisco and Los Angeles, it looked like the walls were falling the way hundreds of them came at the stage. [...] It’s too bad, really, cause we can’t finish the show the way we rehearsed. We always have to run off stage and we can’t thank the audience and stuff, you know, the way we’d really like to, we just have to run away.”

On hearing Jackson 5 recordings on the radio and his personality:

"I’ve been asked about that a lot of times, I don’t feel any different, I just listen to it. I don’t tell people, 'Hey, that’s me.’ I would feel funny if I said that, you know, because there are some people I know who are jealous and I don’t like to make them be that way.”

"[...] I guess the worst one would be if I was conceited, but I don’t have those kind of problems now...[...]”



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