1983 – March 13: "America’s Top 10” TV Interview PDF Print E-mail

On being on stage:

"On stage is the most magic place I can be. I can’t put it in words... It’s – it’s escapism, it’s... it’s like walking on air. For me, it’s the safest place in the world. To me, I can’t be hurt on stage, I can sleep on stage... I – I hate to leave stage, it’s wonderful. I was raised on stage, I - I love it.”

On his definition for magic:

"When I say magic, I mean wonderment, excitement, escapism, another world. And there are people who do that sort of thing, like Steven Spielberg or Walt Disney... And for the spectators it’s exciting, it’s entertainment, it’s joy, it’s love. It makes my eyes light up when I see E.T., when they fly in the sky or – or a great concert. I like to create magic myself. I love magic.”

On whether he wished to do something else for a living:

"No, [I don’t wish I did something else], I love what I do, I – I didn’t ask to be a singer, I’m honored to be chosen.. I didn’t ask to write songs and I’m happy to be chosen to do it. It’s – to me it’s like when the painter takes the paint, you know, and the brush and he go (sic) towards the canvas and he creates magic. And that’s a gift and I’m thankful to be able to do what I do and have people to love it... I mean, a number-one record is – it’s a great joy.”