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* From The Kick Butts Day Team:

Are you a parent, teacher, work with youth or have kids in your life?

Then you should know about Kick Butts Day, our annual event where youth across the country stand up, speak out and seize control against Big Tobacco. The 17th annual Kick Butts Day is Wednesday, March 21st.

We want YOU to be involved!

Parents, teachers, youth group leaders and public health advocates put on events across the country each year. We have several quick activities that can be put together easily in time for Kick Butts Day on Wednesday, March 21st. Your Kick Butts Day event can engage youth and help prevent kids in your community from becoming Big Tobacco's “replacement smokers.” Plus -- who doesn't like a fun, educational activity?

Help teach the kids in your life about the perils of tobacco use and engage them in a cause that you're passionate about, and which affects our lives every day -- whether it's noticing colorful advertisements at a local convenience store or seeing a friend or family member with a tobacco related illness. Prevent the kids in your life from becoming one of the 1,000 youth a day who try their first cigarette by involving them in Kick Butts Day.

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* “Today, alcohol and tobacco are available, and people spend considerably more on these very unsatisfactory euphories, pseudo-stimulants and sedatives than they are ready to spend on the education of their children. Or consider the barbiturates and the tranquilizers. In the United States, these drugs can be obtained only on a doctor’s prescription. But the demand of the American public for something that will make life in an urban-industrial environment a little more tolerable is so great, that doctors are now writing prescriptions for the various tranquilizers at the rate of forty-eight millions a year. Moreover, a majority of these prescriptions are refilled. A hundred doses of happiness are not enough: send to the drugstore for another bottle – and, when that is finished, for another. … There can be no doubt that, if tranquilizers could be bought as easily and cheaply as aspirin, they would be consumed, not by the millions, as they are at present, but by the scores and hundreds of billions. And a good, cheap stimulant would be almost as popular.”

[Aldous Leonard Huxley, English writer, satirist (1958)]


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TST Team