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Michael Jackson was a singer, songwriter, dancer, composer, producer, writer and philantropist, one of the world’s most persevering, yet poorly recognized, exponents of world peace, pursuing activities benefiting people around the Globe for decades, as well as addressing animal rescue issues and raising ecology protection concerns. He was a supporter of general welfare and tolerance for people(s) of all colors, races, characters and social statuses, and was an active ambassador for children worldwide and their rights.

Looking beyond the artistic status, unique persona or the hectic controversies surrounding him throughout the years, the singer’s unwavering social priority had remained that of coming in aid of the less advantaged by means of his influential entertainment work and its recompenses being shared with people in need: "I’ve always believed that the real measure of celebrity success was not just how famous he becomes, but what he does with that fame and fortune". […], he declares on occasion of being honored with a prestigious Bollywood Award in 2000.

Jackson’s altruistic commitments began manifesting since his early childhood, when he, according to himself and his family, would purchase sweets for the children in his neighborhood. His endeavors had expanded throughout the decades across many parts of the Globe, by means of visits he had paid to children’s hospitals, children’s homes, education centers and the like, on halts during each of his concerts, by means of donations made to organizations, individual parties, and via personal tending to children and families in need. He was certified as the celebrity pop star with the most supported organizations, having also established one of the most significant ones, "Heal The World", for the betterment of children’s lives and their families’, with significant donations on its part and in partnership with other non-profit companies. Jackson opened the gates of his Neverland Ranch (now a part of a joint venture for future projects since the end of 2008) to numerous such people, as well as to admirers of his for 17 years, devoting time and effort to offer them moral support, a temporary place to spend their time in, play at the Ranch’s amusement park, or visit the entertainer’s menagerie. He participated in charity events, helped raise money via musical projects and bids of his personal items, issued statements and speeches supporting his beliefs in and concrete tenets for creating a better world, wrote inspirational peace-oriented compositions and also dedicated time and financial support to charitable works outside the public eye, as attested both by the singer and some of the assisted parties; he was engaged in other affiliated forms of aid, as it is to be presented in following sections of the website.

The late singer was less visible in the humanitarian field over the past few years, as well as in the public eye, although he was due to reappear with various new projects, among which the imminent "This Is It" London tour, also dedicated to promoting a more urgent call to  salvage an increasingly endangered Earth. The pop star’s benevolent intentions and concrete activities had often been demonstrated to be wrongly mistaken for felonies or innuendos throughout the years, and his celebrity status had been exploited by certain advantaged parties for personal benefits, irrespective of the means and of Jackson’s committed hospitality and personal endeavors in favor of parties suchlike.

In spite of having been honored with awards for his charitable committments on a number of associated events, including with two distinctive Nobel Peace Prize nominations (in 1998 and 2003), Michael Jackson remains poorly portrayed as a significant advocate for peace, and faintly known in the philantropy sphere. Due to scarce media coverage, the preference for one-sided, judgemental journalistic approaches, and the focus upon often dismissed, distorted or purely fictitious tabloid stories, misrepresentations and injurious comments made against the singer, his lifestyle, physical appearance, mental health or personal beliefs over the past 25 years, as well as a result of other numerous battles, his charitable achievements have been surrounded by a mist of neglect and lack of sheer interest.

Consequently, we will be further unveiling and/or remembering some of the achievements creating the dedicated humanitarian life of late Michael Jackson as it was.