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The Silenced Truth (formerly titled The Nobel Project) is a team project whose early stages began in 2005, its purpose being that of raising awareness on the philanthropic endeavors of singer, dancer, humanitarian Michael Jackson, and of nominating him for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. For the longest time, Mr. Jackson has been improperly portrayed by media representatives, receiving scarce or hardly any coverage for his remarkable work devoted to alleviating the lives of the less advantaged, especially to children from around the Globe, as he had publicly and privately demonstrated during his travels worldwide, among other such significant activities. Therefore, with the help of member Ola S. Hunnestad (Norway), we started our mission to essay putting forth fairness in recognition for Mr. Jackson and his commitments to this largely overshadowed and/or neglected field of endeavor.

We eventually composed a letter on behalf of our group to the prominent officials of the Nobel Peace Prize, to whom we requested support with respect to acknowledging the singer’s efforts and activities in the charity field, by means of according him another nomination for the Prize, Michael Jackson receiving two other publicized ones before. Our first letter was finalized and sent in November 2005, and after receiving encouragement from different directions, including from certain Nobel Peace Prize officials and representatives of Mr. Jackson and the Jacksons, we resumed our efforts in nominating him the following year, through the conception of another letter, as well as one in 2007, additional information from his humanitarian life being posted with each attempt. In 2006, we also added an online petition to the project for supporters of our goal to sign. Up to the present date (2009), we have received over 2200 signatures, all of which having been included in the letter since it was first made public. However, we have, unfortunately, now put a close to this petition, since the Nobel Peace Prize, apparently, cannot be awarded posthumously.

Favored by the cohesion in our group and guided by perseverance, we have continued the effort to display objective information on Michael Jackson’s poorly known humanitarian life, which is the primary intention of this project.

Veronica Sædberg Hus (Norway)