"Heal The World Foundation" Speech – February 3, 1992 PDF Print E-mail

"Good afternoon. I like to thank the Pepsi-Cola Corporation for sponsoring the Dangerous Tour, which we plan to kick off in June. The only reason I’m going on tour is to raise for the newly formed, Heal The World, an international children’s charity, that I’m spearheading to assist children and the ecology. My goal is to gross one hundred million dollars by Christmas, 1993. I urge every corporation and individual who cares about this planet and the future of the children, to help raise money for the HTW charity. The Heal The World Foundation will contribute funds to pediatric aids in honor of my friend, Ryan White.

The "Heal The World Foundation" will also offer support to such worthwhile organizations as Camp Ronald McDonald, Make A Wish Foundation, Children Diabetes, Minority Aids Foundation and other charities. I’m looking forward to this tour, because it will allow me to devote time to visiting children all around the world, as well as to spread the message of the global love, in the hopes that others too will be moved to do their share to heal the world. Thank you for coming. I love you very much. Thank you, all."