"Kingdom Entertainment" Speech - 1996 PDF Print E-mail

"Thank you. I would like to first welcome all the journalists and press who are covering this historic press conference. And, for reasons I will soon share with you, Kingdom Entertainment represents a long awaited dream come true. My earliest inspiration to be actively involved in all dimensions of the global multimedia explosion was derived from decades of concert tours throughout the world. During these travels, I heard the heartbeats of millions of fans who shared their hopes, their loves and their fears, and, most importantly, their desire for a better life. It was during this time that I began to appreciate that global family entertainment could bring peace, brotherhood and love to the world.

Until recently, my hectic schedule and outstanding professional commitments left me little time to develop a specific strategy for a fully integrated entertainment company. All that began to change about eighteen months ago, when I first met my friend and partner in the Kingdom Entertainment, HRH Prince Al-Walleed. In short order, it was clear we share the same goals and values, traditional family values. Through Kingdom Entertainment, the Prince and myself will combine human and financial resources to be successful in all phases of the global entertainment revolution.

As an example, we intend to be active in theme parks, hotels, animation, feature films, interactive educational entertainment, and, of course, character licensing and merchandising. And, we are really looking forward to this incredible venture."