"Michael Jackson & Friends - The Adventure of Humanity" Announcement – March 23, 1999 PDF Print E-mail

"This is an immense honor for me today to announce this project next to a man whose extraordinary courage and dignity has lit up the twentieth century in such a manner that he truly is an example to us all.

I shall be undertaking two concerts in June-one in Seoul in the Republic of Korea and one in Munich-and I shall be inviting some of my friends to help me during the shows by performing at either one or both of the venues.

In an earlier conversation I had this year with President Mandela, we discussed the concept of giving and the words 'What More Can I Give' kept coming into my mind. That will be a song of mine and a theme for these shows. We all have to give and we all have to do what we can to help end the needless suffering in the world.

The monies raised will go to three organisations-the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, the Red Cross and UNESCO. I am proud to be associated with these charities who, over the years, have done so much for so many. The people who work for them, often for some in difficult and dangerous situations, have my greatest respect and admiration. […]

What More Can I Give? On behalf of us all, I urge everyone to give what they can during these concerts to help these charities continue their life-giving work. My thanks again to President Mandela for allowing us to use his residence to make this announcement. I love you."