"Michael Jackson & Friends -The Adventure of Humanity" Speech - June 25, 1999 PDF Print E-mail

"I’m very happy to be back in Korea. I would like to thank my Korean friends, for their warm welcome and hospitality, and to thank them for being here to raise funds and support of suffering children here and all over the world. I feel a deep sadness for the Korean people who were torn from their families and loved ones and each other. By a war that has not ended. By decisions – not their own. But I also feel grateful and respect for how Korea is now, with the leadership of President Kim Dae Jung, a great man who loves peace and respect, human rights trying to overcome a painful past. I am here today because of my affection for Korean people [ I love you so much. I really love you.], and because of a promise I’ve made to President Kim two years ago, to lend my support to the reconcilliation efforts of the Korean people.

Through this concert, I hope to raise the global awareness for the predicament of Koreans, who are the only devided people in the world today. I wish to soon see the coming together of Korea as Germany has come together. And I promise that, on that day, I will be in Seoul again with all of you to celebrate together one of the greatest human triumphs of all time. I love you so much."