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Hello, dear members,

Thank you for visiting us and for all of your kind messages.. as always.

We would like to let you know that starting from this past February 19, American singer, bassist, composer, member of The Jackson 5, and Michael’s older brother, Jermaine Jackson, has been following our tweets on (@SilencedTruthMJ). His Twitter address is (@jermjackson5). Thank you very much, Jermaine, for finding us and deciding to follow us, we are most honored and grateful..

Second of all, we would like to thank Helen Mitchell - for all of your thoughtful, inspiring words and valued support you have periodically expressed in your letters to TST.. Helen has been introduced to our site through Matt Semino, ‘a New York City based attorney and legal analyst who reports on headline-grabbing celebrity and entertainment news for Huffington Post, where, alongside Charles Thompson, has produced some valued, remarkable articles on Michael Jackson, such as Dr. Conrad Murray Trial, a Bitter Pill to Swallow’, or Michael Jackson, the Wounded Messenger’, both of which being contained in the ‘Remember…’ sections of TST, the latest one, Remember More.., (regularly being updated for your reading pleasure. Moreover, all sections will be updated in the following months, starting with Highlights of Interviews, so stay tuned for that)..

We are greatly humbled by and appreciative of your knowledge of us. Of all of your’s visiting here and influencing TST to continue existing and offering to you all what we perceive to be simply valuable information on Michael Jackson’s humanness, as well as opinions and accounts on behalf of those who have been inspired and/or close friends of him. Truthful testimonies which the media are not interested in disseminating for the public - to be blunt, yet realistic - particularly when he was alive and.. in need of a more positive, unbiased, normal and accurate perception and representation of him. ..

Pierce Brown, Content Manager of SR Education Group, kindly sent out his message appreciation for the “collection of resources” available on The Silenced Truth. Thank you, Mr. Brown. We are reciprocating this humbling recognition by posting the below link Mr. Brown attached to his message, consisting of a concise, yet compregensive article covering rhetoric, composition and public speaking, that, he enthuses, “could help many of your users”. We are certain it will, and thank you again.


Up until next time, we are leaving you with a song by The Jacksons off of their (sadly) almost ignored studio album, ‘Goin’ Places’, which was recorded between December 1976 and August 1977, and produced by Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff, Dexter Wansel and The Jacksons wonderfuls. “Man Of War” is the title of the said song, written and composed by K. Gamble/L. Huff, the lyrics of which are posted in our Relief Songs section. Pay close attention to its message and Michael’s particular raw, crisp and personal interpretation to which many are accustomed. On this occasion, we are, most likely though, in vain pleading to the men of war deliberately ruining our world to ‘study peace, ‘cause peace is what we need’. In the long end, please remember, everybody, no matter the strife you are being oppressed by, God will make certain that ‘truth is gonna win...(and) wrong will never conquer right.”

Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth Team

February 10, 2011: Video Hour... PDF Print E-mail


Dear Friends,


We hope you are doing well..


Below, is a new video courtesy of The Silenced Truth's member, Ola Stapnes Hunnestad (thank you very much, Ola), which he added to TST's YouTube account a few days ago. It is a new tribute to the one whom many are missing, one who contributed with so much to the world, even when the world let him down. He persevered in love, and we wish you all to be as blessed. We hope you will enjoy this dedication as much as we are. ..


Additionally, The Silenced Truth is bringing another lovely tribute to your attention anew:  although US-based magazine, Rolling Stone, in their characteristic way, labeled this effort as the 7th biggest musical disasters of 2010, the posthumous official video for song 'Hold My Hand', sung by Michael Jackson and Akon is one to be appreciated. The magazine has remained a media tool which has been emphasizing style over substance since the 1990's, to paraphrase American author and journalist, Mr. Samuel G. Freedman. 'Hold My Hand' is an uplifting piece of music that Jackson didn't live to see released, but which was dear to his heart. 'This life don't last forever'', says the first verse. The message? Extend a helping/comforting hand to the other, don't choose isolation, but try to practice togetherness more, the most efficient way to surmount an obstacle. Tomorrow is never promised.. Try to make the most of it (within the moral terms) today. ... Try.


Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth Team


January 19, 2011: On a Possible New Honor for Michael.. PDF Print E-mail


Hello, dear visitors/friends,

Please join in signing the following petition requesting that the Grammy Awards should create a humanitarian award in honor of Michael Jackson - an artist who had led a fully charitable life, dedicated to the well-being of the other, especially from less advantaged categories.

As per, the idea first appeared on a thread, ‘A Proposition for the MTV Awards’, in’s ‘Michael Jackson Community’, as of August 2010.

The afore-mentioned petition's sponsor is D. Earle, who graciously referenced The Silenced Truth as the informative source supporting this new goal in the ... cleaning of Jackson's too often and unjustly smeared a name. The action's end is to reach 1,000 signatures at most from those interested. ...

Let’s hope for yet another productive outcome, and thank you to all, in advance.

Kind regards,

TST Team





January 7, 2010: A Call For Strength... Another Call For Justice PDF Print E-mail


Dear visitors/friends,

As you all may be aware of, due to the many signatures, letters, and calls of complaints sent in against the airing of "Michael Jackson's Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson" show this January, the Discovery Health Channel decided to indefinitely postpone this broadcast - of an immoral re-enactment. Thanks to all of you,  including to the Michael Jackson Estate and Dr. Patrick Treacy, who sent in their own letters of protest, another feat was made possible not only for Michael, but for the preservation of a human being's rights and dignity in general... or, in his case, what has unfortunately remained of them. Not once in this human history has a person (an earthling, that is) ever been more unjustly vilified and dissected, both figuratively and literally.

These are very difficult times. For those of you familiar with and/or following the People vs Conrad Murray preliminary hearings, (Doctor Conrad Murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter against Michael Jackson, of gross negligence of his patient in care all-round,) we can only wish much strength to you. Much faith. To remember that he (Jackson) loved life, in spite of all those trying to take it from him. He wanted to live it for his children first and foremost, to see them grow, then, he wanted to live to perform for all of you in London, then do movies. And the clichee, 'he would never do that', which is more than a simple clichee, it's the truth. Also to the Jackson Family, who are in the court room daily having to listen to how their son was left to die: they need prayers. To his three orphaned children, all the love and support...

The Silenced Truth won't be covering the above mentioned preliminaries and/or the impending case, as this is a place for comfort and information about Michael Jackson, most of which hidden from view by the media outlets. Not one about those who wanted him gone, being a serious peril for their dark mission.

Below, you are more than welcome to sign a petition which calls for more united efforts in trying to at least diminish the prolongation of destroying Michael Jackson's reputation and memory by various media outlets. At least in death, a person, who, at the end of the day, was a loving, innocent and talented one, should be given (more) respect, consideration and fairness. The truth. In Marlon Jackson's sensitive words to his brother and the world: "Maybe now they'll leave you alone, Michael". We can hope, too..


Kind regards,


TST Team

December 27, 2010: ....... PDF Print E-mail


The Silenced Truth Team hopes your holidays are lovely and peaceful… Full of harmony. This was a busy year, with all sections of this website being updated often, particularly Remember…, who had two more subsections added, chockful of new quotes. Keep checking back on it, as well as TST’s other sections. Unfortunately, time proves quite limited at times, with updates arriving more rarely, although rest assured that there is numerous, if not countless more information to be added in the months to come in all sections. Thank you to all, dearly, for visiting and writing your comments to us… as always, it’s motivational and much, much appreciated.


The Silenced Truth have been postponing the news on the following serious notification, - that many forums and web pages dedicated to the artist disseminate (for reasons pertaining to increased aversion and shock it has caused), in gross discordance with these Holidays and the harmony values they (should) instill in us all, particularly on Christmas: the celebration of a most important birth, that of Christ’s. Followed by it countering the mission of this website, which is meant to bring about some peaceful, non-controversial information on Michael Jackson’s rarely covered abnegational activities and words. Unfortunately, certain media outlets don’t concern themselves with any moral values, at least no longer and certainly not when it comes to Jackson, thus bringing about spouts of indignation among his admirers, friends and family. If not, if should to any reasoning and moral human being.

The Discovery Health Channel in the U.K., are planning to air ‘Michael Jackson’s Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson”, from January 13, to January 17, 2011. The program’s description discloses that a re-enactment of Jackson’s autopsy will be performed using an ‘anatomically correct cadaver’. An outrageous advertisement by Discovery has also been circulating on the internet, an image due to the offensive content of which won’t be posted here. This program or show is a violation of the information of a private patient, and is not to be released in the US, but in the UK, being that it opposes the US Law. It is a gruesome invasion of the ounce of remaining privacy of Michael Jackson, where intense speculation and other more injurious conclusions could be drawn to further discredit Jackson’s already severely tainted reputation and memory. It would have been equally disturbing and inappropriate to perform a mock autopsy on any other human being for ratings.

To express your indignation and apprehension over the airing of such show, send in your complaints to the following addresses:

Nicolas Bonard,

Senior Vice President,

Discovery Enterprises International Discovery Networks Europe/Oprah

Winfrey Network

Chiswick Park Building 2

566 Chiswick High Road


W4 5YB



This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it – assistant to Nicolas Bonard

Or call Ms. Radcliffe’s Discovery office at the direct phone line:

from US call: 011 44 208 811 3033;

from UK call: 0208 811 3033

David Zazlav

President and CEO

Discovery Communications

1 Discovery Place

Silver Spring




This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dr. Michael D. Hunter, M.D.

3737 Frankford Avenue

Panama City, Florida 32405


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mark Hollinger, President of Discovery Networks International:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Discovery Viewer Relation area of contact:

The LA County DA: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sign the petition against the broadcast of ‘Michael Jackson’s Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson’ here:

Or contact your Cable or Dish Company, in case you wish to have Discovery Channel removed from your cable or satellite line-up as a means of protest; when sending your letter, copy This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , the site’s administrators forwarding it along with your petition signature via FedEx to Nicolas Bonard and David Zaslav.


Season’s Greetings to all and a… Better New Year ahead. If possible.

Kind regards,

The Silenced Truth Team.

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