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Dear visitor/friend,

The Silenced Truth Team wish to thank you for coming to this site, wishing you the best of health, peace and love for these holidays and for the years to come.

While celebrating Christmas this year, let us remember Michael in prayer, and hold his children and family in our thoughts this particular time...precisely 6 months after. Let us also give from the soul or devote ourselves more to each other.

Happy Holidays,

The Silenced Truth Team.

P.S.: The site is being periodically updated. Stay tuned.

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Once again, we are awfully appreciative of your interest in Michael’s countless and significant charitable contributions and reflections of them from others that we are continuing to discover and add to the site. We would like to respond to each and everyone of you, nonetheless this new message acknowledges all of your wonderful, encouraging comments anew. Our wish is simply that Michael’s message and humanness be disseminated by as many of you, dear visitors/fans by means of this website, and follow his example of generosity, gentleness, strength and spirituality. By the „This Is It” concerts, he wanted to offer his children, the fans and the world a new message of love and peace to be disseminated worldwide; he would still envision a world where more people of all color, creed and age can learn to hold hands in support and love, and a world „full of children”…that we, as adults, have to learn more about.

Thus, our sole request is that you spread his vision to other people and heed it and try to apply it even in a small, non-pretentious way, again, not simply because he said so, but because it is human. It would mean literally everything to him….and that you all knew who he really, truly was.

We will try to respond to more specific questions, too, when time permits.

Thank you again deeply and kindly for your patience and interest in this site and…live responsibly.

Kind Regards,
The Silenced Truth Team

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit our website. We have received so many wonderful and heartfelt comments regarding Michael and his humanitarian efforts it's impossible for us to respond to each person/comment separately, so please accept this statement as a personal acknowledgement.  

We all know Michael is more than worthy of being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in the future and we would like to inform you all that we are the original organizers of the Nobel Peace Prize petition that was launched in 2007 and are still gathering signatures to put forth to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in the hope that Michael will be nominated in the future.  However, while we are aware at this time, that Michael is no longer eligible,  we will continue to keep our petition running in the event that the rules for eligibility change. Lets keep our fingers crossed, everyone.   

If you haven't already, please click onto the following link and add your signature.

Feel free to join us on Facebook as well.

Once again, thank you....your feedback and support is very much appreciated.  If you would like to help us further, please spread the word about our petition and website, and remember to include the links above.  Thanks.

Kind Regards
The Silenced Truth Team

In Loving Memory...Michael Jackson (1958-2009) PDF Print E-mail

Dear Michael,

May you finally be in peace, away from further worldly ordeals and injustice. You are now in the better world you have always prayed and fancied that the Earth could be. You are free at last and will continue to shine even brighter from There, and be remembered for your rarest giant artistic and philantropic gifts. Your truth won’t be silenced anymore…

Your swift passing has shocked the world is now much emptier and duller..We love you endlessly and will forever miss you, dearest..


Dear visitor,

Please, (continue to) do your best to disseminate care and peace, carry on charitably if possible, even benefiting one person/child, and carry out his message of healing, of helping to alleviate broken people even in a small way, as well as pay attention to the suffering environment. Help diminish ignorance, indifference, abuse in the way you can…The clock is ticking. Even the smallest gesture will be significant if we all do something. Care for the Earth as for your own body. These were his wishes…Follow his example to heal. Do something, not only because he wanted to, but because it is so important…and urgent. Spread the word.
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Friday, 01 May 2009 00:00

Michael Jackson "Will You Be There" gjenskapt for veldedighet

I følge vil en skare av stjerner samles for å gjenskape "Will YOu Be There" for veldedighet. Sangen ble utgitt som singel i 1993 og var også soundtrack på filmen Free Willy.

Musikere som forventes å bidra er Whitney Houston, John Mayer, Lionel Richie, Usher, Dionne Warwick, Wyclef Jean, Jermaine Jackson, Larry Kings kone Shawn King og muligens Jennifer Hudson. Pengene fra sangen vil gå til Larry King Cardiac Foundation og en uspesifik veldedighet organisasjon nær Jackson.

Jackson var en sann humanitær og har av denne grunn blitt nominert to ganger til fredsprisen. Vi kan derfor forvente mer veldedige begivenheter i Michael Jacksons navn. En stor en er den planlagte hyllest konserten i Wien, noe Jermaine tror kan sammle over 1 Milliard mennesker gjennom TV. En konsert av den skalaen kan sammle inn MASSE penger til veldedige organisasjoner, noe vi ville elsket å sett i ære for Michael. Sjekk ut "Will You Be There", her sunget live i Bucharesti Romania:


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